Sunday, September 18, 2016

Random Stuff

Pictographs just a few miles down the road from us.

We seem to have six regulars;  deer, hanging around our house.  They provide a lot of entertainment.

Very curious about Felix who was out chasing squirrels.

Yes, Scarface may be gone, but Chelsea is still hanging in there.  (Minus 10 teeth).

We've had foggy mornings.

And frosty mornings.

We've had some snow on close hills.

The hens are roaming and seemingly becoming more comfortable with their new surroundings.  Still no eggs though.

We're relieved at how well the cats are adjusting.

I've been doing a lot of knitting.  Felix thinks too much.

But so far so good for our retirement.


Country Girl said...

The photo of the pine trees in the mist is lovely. So glad your retirement is going well!

Barbarapc said...

So many beautiful places in the world - not enough time to visit them. What a beautiful place you've chosen. I hope you have a very long, happy and healthy retirement.

Pat said...

Felix is too much, what a handsome boy. Poor Chelsea, I'm guessing hard food would be out of the question. Surprised your hens and cats don't just disappear, hope there's no Big cats coming down from those mountains. You sure live in a beautiful area, the landscape is so peaceful. Wondering where the markings on the stones came from and how old. I'm sure you'll be learning interesting stuff about your new surroundings, I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about everything.