Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Don't Ignore the Park

Glacier National Park did everyone a service by having a "fee free" day September 24.  And as two retirees in need of saving money, and of entertainment, and of activity, we took advantage.

It was a beautiful day.
I apologize in advance for all the photos I'm going to include in this post.

Avalanche Lake.  An easy hike but very popular.  Which means people everywhere.

We managed two hikes for a total of seven miles of hiking.  And we ate the lunch we brought, managed to get in a bit of driving;  all within leaving our house around 9AM and returning around 6:30PM.  Granted we were tired but the scenery was wonderful.

My knit mitts came in handy as we were snowed upon a bit.

And four male big horned sheep were hanging out...

It was a great day and a good reminder of why we moved to this area.