Sunday, August 14, 2016

Road Trip: Part One

Kim and I decided to give the cabin work a rest and do some sightseeing.  Kim had heard of an alternate scenic route between Kalispell and Missoula on highway 93.  We've often driven the blue route to and from Kalispell but this time we drove this loop:
(You can see our little town of Marion to the left of Kalispell on this map.)

Our first stop was Swan Lake.  Very pretty.

We timed our trip to coincide with their Huckleberry Festival, of which there seem to be many in our area.

Very pretty setting.

Lots of interesting crafts.

I loved these journals.

They had everything huckleberry, including fudge.

We settled on sharing a cup of ice cream.

Find more info on huckleberries here.
Continuing on Highway 83 South;  lots of pretty scenery:

McDonald Peak at 9820 ft is the most impressive.

More about McDonald Peak here.

This was Saturday.
On Monday we made the decision to put Scarface down.  It was sad but it seemed the right thing to do.  He had developed cancer in a paw and if that had been his only problem it would have seemed bad enough but our new Montana vet pointed out his other issues we'd been overlooking as simply old age so we made the tough decision.  We'll miss that old fart.

On my next post I'll show Part Two of our road trip.


Country Girl said...

So sorry to hear about Scarface - they really become part of the family, don't they? I bet that Chelsea and the cats miss him too. My condolences.

Pat said...

First I'm thinking woo hoo road trip. Now I'm crying.