Sunday, August 21, 2016

Road Trip: Part Two

Missoula was our turn around spot.  Next up was the St. Ignatius Mission.

And we'd always seen the sign for the mission but had never been there ourselves.  Turned out it was well worth the trip.

The church was built in 1891 by Native Americans using local materials and firing the bricks on the spot.

And when you enter;

There are 58 original paintings by the Italian Brother Joseph Carignano, the cook at the mission at the time.  You can read more about the artist here.  He died in 1919.

The artwork was gorgeous.  I'm not a "religious" person but every time I enter an old church or cathedral I swear I can feel the true intent of such a place.  And the intent is love and peace.

I also appreciated the Native American touches.

The Salish Lord's Mother in Native American form:

There was also a painting of the Salish Lord but I didn't get a picture.

Just a lovely church.

There are two historic buildings also on the site.  This log cabin was the home of the first missionaries and was built in 1854.  It was full of Native American relics and photographs.

Next post I'll share our visit to the Ninepipes Museum.

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Pat said...

I'm in awe by all the art work. The amount of paintings is massive. More than beautiful, if that's possible.