Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring, Still

I was out in the garden this week and these tiny tulips were just about gone already.

Professor de Monserri tulips...

The red marks on the tips are very pretty.

Hen and chicks are perking up.

This time of year the changes happen quickly.
This ground cover has some great color going on.

Jessie and Felix relax indoors on a rainy day.

Hope you're able to get outside and enjoy the spring.


Goneferalinidaho said...

I really like those tulips. Ours should bloom this week. I'm hoping to take a nightfall shot of the entry and the bike tonight.

Unknown said...

Beautiful tulips. No blooms on our bulbs here in NJ, but my magnolia is blooming. Everything is confused from this awful winter. Your kitties look so similar to mine. My two are brother and sister, Jake is a huge with a black coat, and Penny is a tiny little tortie.

Unknown said...

Jessie and Felix look so adorable!!!

Lona said...

Loving your little species tulips. The yellow with the stripe of red are so pretty. Spring finally.

Kathleen said...

Those kitties sure are sweet all cuddled together. :)
First tulip opened here today and now it's supposed to snow on Sunday. ugh.
I love those yellow 'Professor' tulips ~ you're right, the touch of red is perfect.

Rosemary said...

Your spring if far ahead of mine crocuses and snowdrops are the only flowers in my garden... Hope your earth quake did no damage.