Sunday, March 30, 2014

Springtime Update

These crocuses in our garden have come and gone. 

But they were lovely while they lasted.

Thanks to Lynda at My Boise Life, I have a new hellbore blooming this year.
It's good to have gardening friends.

The daffodils are up and blooming.

 And we may just get some lilac blooms this year.

Scarface is enjoying some of the rare sunshine we've been having.
I'm sure it feels good on his ten year old bones.


Goneferalinidaho said...

Our crocuses are dwindling down. The daffodils are such happy flowers. I'm impressed with how resilient they are. Scarface has such a good home.


Aw, sweet Scarface. The sunshine is so nice isn't it? Your blossoms are wonderful and offer hope of what's to come. The tiny lilacs look like grape clusters. So cool.

LJB said...

I'm delighted to know your hellebore are blooming! I agree, it is great to have garden friends. I'd love some advice on what to put into the moon garden I want to design. What are your favorites?

Victoria Williams said...

Lynda, at various times we've had in our moongarden; iceberg rose, Montana Elizabeth clematis, white lilies, white phlox, white hesperis matronalis, various white daffodils, baby's breath, white cosmos, nicotiana sylvestris, hydrangea vines, white Japanese anemones and sweet woodruff. Lately I enjoy breaking up the white with pinks and blues. Have fun!

Jennifer said...

The crocus were sure pretty! Also thanks to a gardening friend I have a maroon hellebore this spring. Those are expensive plants so it wonderful when someone shares! We are well behind you, but there is progress. The snow is half gone. Here is to more sunny days to come!