Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ubiquitous Forsythia

Forsythias seem to be everywhere, like them or not.

Some people call them garden thugs.  Which they can be.
I like them when they're treated nicely.
I especially admire this one.  It appears to have been pruned into a tree shape, allowing the blooming fronds to cascade in the wind.

This time of year forsythia shows up as a bit of sunshine around town.
One shrub provides a bright spot.

And many provide a feast of yellow rays for the eyes.

This bleeding heart shares some space.

Forsythia is often shaped into mounds, especially in commercial plantings.

Perhaps the caretakers are afraid of the wild and crazy look of an untrimmed shrub.

But I prefer that wild look. They seem to be shouting exuberantly, "Look, look!  Spring has arrived!  Isn't it glorious?"

Sometimes gardeners get very ambitious.  (From a gardening forum.)

"Crew cut" forsythia are another option.

But however you shape it, forsythias won't be denied.

How do you like yours?  Or do you?


Goneferalinidaho said...

Great post. Kyle and I were discussing whether or not we should get a forsythia. We concluded that we didn't really need one. A week later while in the backyard our "generic" bush showed that it was indeed a forsythia. It is in the back yard currently and I don't think it will fit our overall plans there. Fortunately we have a spot for it along Pierce Park where commuters can enjoy it's proclamation of spring next year. I'll have to share your post with Klye. I too like the wild look more than the mounded or crew cut types of pruning.

LJB said...

I LOVE our forsythia and have been enjoying the many around town. They truly are like trumpets announcing spring. Boise spring is always gorgeous, but this year in particular all the blooming trees and shrubs, the many tulips and daffodils, all the sharp new green seems to be especially vibrant. Thanks for capturing it so well!

Anonymous said...

I love this post - you have shown the beauty of a properly pruned forsythia! And, then contrasted how boring and bound up they appear when power scalped by a machine.
I never considered pruning the forsythia to an arch, but that might be worth trying.