Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day This and That

Sitting home today, eating nachos and watching Dr. Who. It's an unpaid day off from my work place and Kim and I don't celebrate Thanksgiving today due to his work schedule. So, yeah, kind of a non-event kind of day.  (We have Sunday plans for a nice family dinner.)

I have been doing some reading, just fiction, but I enjoy it.
If you like mysteries I recommend this series by Gyles Brandreth.

Be smarter than I was though and read the series in order.  Duh.

On the other hand, I barely made it through this book.

Actually I didn't even make it through the entire book.  I gave up caring about the story about halfway into it.  If you're a Catholic you might find it interesting.  I did not.

I bought this;  intending to steam it into my morning lattes.

Not my best plan.  You know how it's really good though?  On ice, with Kahlua.  Yummy.

I've made these twice and highly recommend them.  Soooo good.

You'll need a decent sized food processor to make a batch, or you could halve it.

We're still working with Scarface, trying to acclimate him to our three cats.  Chelsea has become used to him being around.  She's also too deaf to notice when he growls at her.  A good thing, I guess.

 Felix, our smallest cat is also the bravest so far.

 Felix has been unwilling to give up his sleeping spots in the house.  He waltzes in the front door as if he owns the place.  Scarface still occasionally chases him but no one gets hurt.

Frankie on the other hand, is quite the "scaredy cat".

He is super vigilant around the house now.  But he's improving.
Jessie, cat number three, still requires carrying to enter the house.  But we're all working hard at it.  Scarface really hates being sprayed with the water bottle we keep handy.

And since it is a day for being thankful I want to mention that years ago my friend Carol gave me these lovely socks she hand knit for me.

Aren't they beautiful?  And I'm still wearing them occasionally.
She gave them to me before she taught me how to knit my own socks.  And until I finished my first pair I didn't appreciate nearly enough what a gift hand knit socks really are.  They're wonderful.  (They are also damn time consuming and require a ton of patience.)

Since then I've knit many a pair;  mostly for myself, and a very few for family members.
Right now I'm working on another pair;

I still use the socks Carol made for me as a length and height measurement, they're so perfect.

Here's hoping you find something to be thankful for today, even if it's a small thing.  And if anyone ever gifts you with hand knit socks, be grateful, very grateful.


Chris said...

Dr. Who is everywhere, and I've never watched it. Did you start way back with the early stuff, or are you a newcomer? I'm curious.

I'm also jealous that you have your Thanksgiving feast yet ahead of you. I guess maybe I'll have nachos on Sunday instead, since that sounds damn good too.


Hi Victoria, I love the color you chose for your socks. They look wonderful. I've never been able to knit so I applaud you and your friend. My hubby's mom used to knit slippers and I would wear them until they were threadbare. They were so warm.

Glad your FFM (furry family members) are doing well. I hope you have a fun family gathering on Sunday.

Goneferalinidaho said...

I like having alternatives to the Holidays. We have a small dinner with close friends and make decadent dishes. Have a great dinner this weekend.

Emily said...

so many animals! the new pup looks like a sweet little troublemaker.

i've missed a to read your older posts :) have a good late thanksgiving!

Victoria Williams said...

Chris, I came into Dr. Who later rather than sooner. If you like sci-fi it's entertaining.