Thursday, March 19, 2009

Race Training Update II

Ten miles today.

Ten. Miles.

Yeah, it hurt.

I got a little smarter this time though. Bought these for my Ipod.

The earbuds that came with my Ipod had the problem of falling out (of my right ear) whenever I reached about mile six. And there was no way it would go back in and stay. Too much sweat I guess. I tried a pair with smaller earbuds and they were actually worse. This pair of "Active Style Headphones" from Sony do the trick though. No hint of them falling out.

Also this time I hid a bottle of water for myself.

Since I run a loop outdoors I passed it many times and could stop to get a drink.

Very helpful.

I also wore my fanny pack and put my camera inside. I wanted to make sure carrying my camera during the race wasn't going to be a problem. (Must take photos to commemorate the big event don'tcha know.)

So how am I doing? That last mile or so is always a killer, no matter how far I seem to run. I did 5 miles on the treadmill at the rec center before work this week. It just about killed me. But, confession time, (ssshhhhh...........) I, (yes, me), can get rather competitive. When I'm on the treadmill running away by myself, no one around, I'm just fine. But let someone get on beside me and the dark side comes out. I have to run at least as fast as they're running even if it's really too fast for me. And at the very least I have to run farther.

But get me outside alone on a run and a cooler head prevails.....I run like a snail.
Took me two hours to run 10 miles today. That's 12 minute miles. Yeah, it's slow. But it's OK. All I want to do is finish this race.

My feet.......well, I have some blisters and a black big toenail, but I think that's to be expected.

What did I do after my TEN MILE RUN today?

That's when I really got smart. Unlike two weeks ago I came home and took a nice hot bath and have nothing planned for this evening but relaxation!


Gardeness said...

Great job! I've recently started training for a triathlon. Brutal! my earphones from my iphone did the same thing so I'm interested in these new ones. Thanks.

Heather said...

Wow Victoria- I am impressed. I was planning to look for nice weather 5k to train for but now I think you can run and I will read about it:D Good job and good luck. I will be rooting for you!

Brenda said...

I think you are very smart, to hide a water bottle for yourself. And the ear buds! Perfect.

Rosemary said...

All I can say is Awesome!

Genie said...

Amazing, Victoria. Amazing.