Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Garden "Oh Geez"

Looking for signs of spring in the garden today I spotted these;

Obviously I planted them two years ago and this year they finally bloomed. I had completely forgotten they existed. Nice surprise. The bees were certainly enjoying them.

Today is my Friday. Looking forward to my weekend.
Saturday is a work day for me but hubbie and I plan on attending the Boise Flower and Garden Show when I get off work.
We're also planning to attend the Wine and Jazz Event at the show.
Gardening, wine. I think that about covers it.


Connie said...

The crocuses are lovely. This has been a long winter and I am soooo ready for Spring!

Unknown said...

Your crocuses are beautiful and your weekend sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Bek said...

Yeah.. spring also for you! Surprises like those are always good to have:) Enjoy the gardening show!

Genie said...

How funny to see those vibrant purple flowers poking out from those dead leaves and stems. Woot!

I hope you enjoyed your "Friday." Can't wait to see photos from the flower and garden show. I'm guessing it will be a photographic wish list!

bg_garden said...

I just found you over at Blotanical... and so happy I did because I am in the Midwest as well ( zone 5b). Loving your kitty Ebbie - She looks like my Jack Kitty!
Happy Gardening and I can't wait to see what Springs holds for your garden so remember to share on blogger!