Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dog Days

Casey is home from fire fighting. For a few days at least. Nice to see him. Alive and well.

Vanessa just finished her LAST college class! She is now the proud recipient of a bachelor's degree in accounting. We'll be taking her out to celebrate at Emilio's this week.

And a garden update:

Sadly, we're not guaranteed tomatoes this year. Perhaps with another month of warm weather. We should have been running out of room to put them by now.
But not when they look like this:

Even having this guy watching over the garden has not helped.

The usual August standbys are blooming in the garden;

Patsi at Garden Endeavors also enjoys morning glories, along with hummingbirds, vines and hawks in her garden.

The thunbergia vines have been blooming at last and I'm pleased with them;

Our neighbor's hibiscus. Gorgeous isn't it?

Still loving the datura;

A volunteer hollyhock in the front garden;

The back garden is looking normal for August - overgrown and tired. (Kind of like me?)

Truthfully I'm looking forward to fall, winter, and the promise of another spring.

But Chelsea's still enjoying the August sun.

And a final note on the Olympics............

A new olympic sport according to Cute With Chris.....

Synchronized Sleeping!


Rosemary said...

I am hoping your weather stays warm for your tomatoes to ripen they look so good.
Love your garden so full of flowers.
Got a smile out of the new Olympic sport.

Genie said...

Your garden rocks!

You should rent it out for weddings and intimate parties.

Daisy said...

Congrats on getting your not-so-little ones home for a bit! I know you're excited!

You have company with the tomato blues... our are just turning, but we have so many green ones and I don't know how long the warm weather will hold!

Pat said...

Striped tomatoes, humm...
We have a couple in our backyard
Ever want seeds for tomatoes?
My husband has a large collection of heirloom seeds.
What the heck is that thing guarding your garden?
Love the pets...What a life.
I want to come by and visit...

The Hunky Gardener said...

Your garden is great. Saw that thunbergia in a seed catalog and was wondering what it would look like. I do like it. And I love Cute With Chris!