Friday, August 15, 2008

Camping Finale

By trading days at work I managed to have a three day weekend......glorious! Kim and I spent it going on one last camping trip. Back to Burgdorf, of course. This time we hiked to a new lake; Loon Lake. At five miles (10 mile round trip), it was a bit longer than we're used to but we enjoyed it.

Short version:

Loon Lake -

Crashed bomber on the lake (see long version for this interesting story, or read about it here) -

Flowers -

Wine -

And of course, my long version;


Bek said...

Again great! I guess we need to come to Idaho one day. My husband loves to see "historic" sites in the wilderness. It was fun watching Chelsea chasing the squirrels and then sleeping in the car:) Wouldn't like the frosty mornings in August ;)

Rosemary said...

I am so impressed with your camping adventures.
Best picture is the fire and wine . Beautiful

Anonymous said...

Loon Lake is one of a few remaining naturally stocked lakes in B.C. The fighting Rainbow Trout run to 3 lbs., with regular catches of 12 to 16 inches on fly, flatfish or troll. This deep, narrow nine-mile-long lake steadily produces quality fish throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall.

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Pat said...

I garden in South NJ.
I've read your blog a few times in the past.
Not sure how I found it.
It's fun.
Would love to link to you if possible. If not that's ok.


Pat said...

Yeah !

Have traveled somewhat but not to Idaho.
Now I get see it thanks to your blog.


Unknown said...

Too bad no one in my family likes to camp. They seem to think they're roughing it when they sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag of an air conditioned house. Party poopers.

I love the fire and wine picture.

Anonymous said...

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