Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted anything. I can only say I've been busy. (I know, we all are).
My days off have been changed at work, (not my idea), from Sunday-Monday to Tuesday-Wednesday, so to avoid losing a day on my paycheck, I opted to work seven days in a row. Ugh. But now it's over. Two glorious days off.

I've been thinking lately about why I blog. Occasionally hubbie Kim will mention that he wonders why I post certain things concerning my life. He says he doubts anyone is interested. Which made me think about the blogs I enjoy reading, and why. Obviously I love to garden so gardening blogs hold a large amount of appeal for me. But I don't read garden blogs just to learn more about gardening, which I do, and I appreciate, but also to see a garden planted with love and care by someone I don't know except through what they care to share on their blog. Blogging allows me to view gardens and their caretakers all across the world. An opportunity that would never exist otherwise.

My favorite blogs, gardening or otherwise, offer glimpses, often personal, into the blogger's life. And I do realize that yes, all this "personal" sharing is not face to face personal. But the sharing, as limited as it may be by distance and the internet, still reaches me. I look forward to reading updates on the lives of the bloggers I choose to read.

It would be nice to think that I could use my blog to teach someone about gardening, but that assumes the "student" be extremely new to the subject. I don't kid myself, I'm not an expert at anything. All I have to share are my experiences, such as they are.
So, bottom line; if I bore anyone with my posts, they just need not come back to my blog.

OK, enough said.

On to spring signs:

This little phacelia bloomed today under the lights in the spare bedroom;

Sweet, isn't it? Too bad it's lying in the trash now. Had to snip it off along with the other buds. It needs to spend it's energy growing right now. I'll accept blooms later. Not that I don't appreciate the effort.

This is why I love creeping phlox.....

.....looking great under our birch tree.

These goofy orange tulips just won't give up. These things must be at least 10 to 12 years old. As I said, I tried digging them all up a couple of years ago and now I have a whole passel of them. Must have been just what they were hoping for. Oh well. Soon the lilac ones will be in bloom and lilac/orange; not awful.

Our neighbors weeping cherry is blooming now and nicely visible from our back porch.

Kim started up the waterfall/stream a couple of weeks ago and it provides great background sound for gardening. Also the birds love it, always coming in for drinks and baths.
I'm looking forward to warmer weather. We had a couple days that were nice enough for sitting outside and I loved it. Can't wait for more.


Connie said...

Hello, fellow Idahoan!
I came here today because I enjoy your blog...and I wanted see what was happening in your life and in your garden.
BTW, I love those orange tulips! Tulips that will come back that strongly, in spite of your attempts to eradicate them, are a keeper in my book. :-)

mmichele said...

your garden blog is incredibly inspiring to me! so are the food and wine posts.
i like them all...

Bob and Robin said...

We blog because we enjoy some subject and want to share our enthusiasm with others. Since we can not always "talk" face-to-face and the USPS is getting expensive, this is just another means of communicating. Actually, I do like this medium and answer the blogs when I have something to say or want to make a comment.
Ah .... the basil! It will be ready soon and I will have plenty. Do you want any tomatoes? Roma, Marzano, Heirloom? There is plenty.
What is "Pif" that you asked Robin about?
--- Bob

Genie said...

I am one of those who never actually READS the National Geographic, I just look at the pictures and I'm done. I like your blog because you get to the point and you are delightful getting there. The text is broken up with fun images so I don't get bored. I really just don't have the energy to READ blogs. But yours is easy and interesting. Especially because it's real. And I love looking at other people's lives. I'm totally hooked on shows like "Little People, Big World," and "Deadliest Catch" because I want to see and feel how other people live, and love and work and suffer and triumph in a way that isn't contrived or scripted. Your blog is like that. Well, sans the drama.

Anonymous said...

A little slice of people's everyday lives can be inspiring and interesting. I like to see how people go about doing things and dealing with life. Mix some wine, food and gardening in there and I'm hooked!

Bek said...

I am obviously not bored reading your blog:D. I also like reading about other people's real lifes. It's something you can relate to and it's amazing how you start feeling with them when they are happy, sad, angry, etc.. even though you don't know them "really".
Love your phlox pictures.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Obviously I keep coming back to see what's going on in Idaho and what's going on with you. I love your wine recommendations and your garden photos and the dog photos and the kids and the couch and on and on.

and I really like the orange tulips too

Reginas Cottage said...

Beautiful pictures from your garden.
I like phlox also.
Have a nice weekend Regina

Anonymous said...

I think it's just awesome to talk to someone from Idaho. I'll probably never get to go there. I'm tired of traveling after all our AF moves and my blogging is a way of traveling to other gardens without all the driving again.

I also appreciate that you come to visit mine on occasion. I haven't been here in awhile to see your wine list but I'll have to see if any NC wines are on there. I've been told our NC wines are too young yet. I don't know much about the taste I just know they are very pretty to look at. Lots of our tobacco farms are being converted to vineyards. It is so classy.

Rosemary said...

I love to read your day to day life stories. Love the pics of the garden. Inspires me seeing how beautiful your garden is.
I appreciate your comments on my blog. Hope you keep blogging for a very long time.
Happy Birthday to your son .
I love the orange tulips.

Victoria Williams said...

Everyone - thanks for all the nice comments. I figured I couldn't be the only one who likes to "spy" on other people's blogs.
What's nice is having such good company!

Jeffrey said...

You know I love your blog.