Thursday, April 24, 2008

22 years old

Today my son Casey turns 22 years old.
He started out so cute;

And to me he still is. Here he is with his latest "puppy", Bruno.

Sometime in the next week we'll be saying a quick goodbye to him. Casey has been called to fight fires in New Mexico. After he gets the official phone call he'll have an hour to report for duty.
Yeah, I'm nervous. But he's excited and has been looking forward to this job. So, I'll wish him well and look forward to hearing his stories when he gets back.

And Casey's first dog, Scarface, has his fifteen minutes of fame on Cute With Chris.


Anonymous said...

I have two sons, 24 and 26. We worry all the time don't we? I hope your son will be Ok. My best friend's son is a firefighter in Charlotte, NC. It is a dangerous job. Tell your son we appreciate him and happy birthday to him.

Naturegirl said...

Wishing your hansome son a safe return home from bravely fighting the fires..what a cute mug shot of the dog Scarface!

Bek said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Time goes by fast for sure.