Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More spring........

There is so much going on in the garden. April has been chilly and DRY (0.22 inches of precip) we've already needed to water the garden twice. Not nice for April.

Garden highlights..

The giant alliums are getting ready to do their thing. Great, reliable plants. And they multiply like tulips. I love 'em.

The daffodils are just about finished...

I don't know where this tulip came from, (I don't remember planting it) but it is pretty.

The tulips in the back garden are all in bloom except for the yellow ones. This photo shows the garden as you step into it from our back porch. (From the left side).

For the most part Chelsea has been behaving herself in the garden. Meaning she hasn't been running through the beds too much. (Except when she feels the need to chase squirrels.)

More tulips in the back garden.

The serviceberry tree has bloomed and now is finished.

The basket of gold is doing it's thing.

I forgot that I planted these Odalisque tulips under the dogwood tree. Could use about twice the amount. (Next year)

The dogwood will be blooming soon. It happily lives in the shade of the Locust 'Sunburst' tree in the background.

The primroses are starting to bloom.

This little guy, or gal, seems pleased to have overwintered in the pond.

So, on to the front garden. Right now it's all about tulips and phlox.

Kim shot the following photos. His perspective is very different from mine and I enjoy it.
(He has the advantage. He attended photography school.)

And for our Portfolio eating's going OK. We're eating a lot of this type of food...

I had a doctor appointment this weekend. My cholesterol is currently 219. Not great. She's giving me three months to bring it down to 200. Can I do it? I hope so. I was on Lipitor a few years ago for my high cholesterol. But they can't locate my cholesterol count from back then and I don't remember what it was. How have I been doing on my new food plan? Well, not bad. But, I have succumbed to the occasional cookie while at work. Now, no more of that. I really want to avoid the prescription meds.
I baked these cookies today.

Not bad tasting. I substituted half whole wheat flour and added chocolate chips to make them more appealing to me. I'm hoping they'll keep me from giving into temptation at work.

And finally; a short wine review.

The winner; definitely the wine in the center; Chateau Douley. (It was the most expensive at $16. But, you usually get what you pay for.) The Timberwood was $5.

The Italian Monetepulciano at $10, was OK. The Timberwood I can't recommend at all. For anything.

Also, I planted more seeds today; this will be my final planting for this spring.

Mexican sunflower (tithonia)
Sonata white cosmos
Lemon gem marigold
Red Brocade marigold
Giant yellow marigold
Thunbergia (salmon)
Canary creeper
Heavenly Blue morning glory
Kniola's Black Knight morning glory
Scarlet O'Hara morning glory
Teddy Bear sunflower
Nasturtium nanum empress of India
Zinnia Elegans
Crimson Rambler morning glory
Red rock penstemon
Cypress vine
Sunspot morning glory
Love in a Puff vine
more marigolds
Purple millet

My "plant room" setup:

Yeah, it's a little late. I'm behind on my plantings. But better late than never, right?

Our cat, Ebby, hanging out in the "plant room". I'm just grateful she hasn't attacked the catmint seedlings.


Reginas Cottage said...

Wow!!Your garden looks so pretty with
all the loveley tulips.I like the pink tulip.
Have a nice day!

Rosemary said...

I don't know how you do it.
Gorgeous gardens, planting even more seeds , working besides . Busy you are.
Love the variety of tulips. I too have a serviceberry tree , mine is just coming out, we are that much later in season than you.

Bek said...

Wow! Such a long post with so many different topics. I love your front garden!! It looks like in a fairy tale with all the pink and white background. Chelsea looks as if she is enjoying spring outside as well.
We only have Boca or similar vegi-burgers at home. I think they taste great and are so much more healthier. Good luck with getting your cholesterol down!

Natalie said...

Everything looks soo pretty in your garden. We are having a garden tour in our town...small one. Sure wish you lived closer. Your seeding room is very impressive. You need to take a video walking through your garden really slow...narrarating as you go.