Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not much happening around here.
Warning; this will be another hodge-podge post, a jumble of little this's and that's.

We had a gorgeous weekend with highs in the 70's. Now we're back to normal unpredictable April weather; highs in the 50-60's and lows to 28˚F. A few changes in the garden; a couple different daffodils blooming;

The Professor de Monsseri tulips are blooming along the "Bunny Fence."

Kim and I are just about finished with our spring garden clean up. The Moongarden is ready for its firepit, we just need to purchase one. Kim did get a raincheck on one last week.

We left a circle in the center of the brick for that purpose. Can't wait to use the firepit on cool summer nights. When we first planted the moongarden we chose all white flowers; Climbing White Dawn rose, Blanc Double de Coubert rose, Climbing Iceberg rose, Henryii clematis, Halina Noll clematis, Baby's Breath, Casa Blanca lilies, Schizophragma hydrandeoides vine.

But recently I've added pink and blue; Comtesse de Bouchard clematis, ornamental strawberries, Perle d'Azur clematis, Heritage rose, Moon River peony, Coral n' Gold peony, Constance Spry rose and Duchess of Albany clematis.
The Moongarden is the one spot I try to keep "romantic". Dreamy. Heavenly scented. A little nighttime escape. Or daytime.

My winter/spring sowing is going nowhere so far. I haven't given up hope.

We have one orange tulip (perhaps more to come) blooming. It's not supposed to be there but I guess it didn't get my memo. I tried digging up all of these a few years ago when I decided lilac was the color to go with in the front garden. Guess I missed some. Guess I'll let it go.

Kim and I have decided to give the Portfolio diet plan a try. Anyone else doing this? Anyone else with cholesterol levels out of control? I was prescribed statins years ago and like a good girl I faithfully swallowed my medicine. Then I got bored, tired, distracted, low on cash, and stopped. So lately I decided the next best thing would be to drastically change how I eat. Kim is going along with it for the most part (not sure about his cholesterol levels) but he will require some add ons such as occasional meat and cheese. I'm OK with just seafood and veggies and rice and tofu. I'll let you know how it shakes out. We're experimenting with the recipes now.

As mentioned, my birthday was very enjoyable. More surprises; my daughter, Vanessa, took me clothes shopping (something I never do for myself.) She helped me pick out a pair of black capri pants and a nice matching blouse. My friend Steph gave me two bottles of wine (can't beat that), and my friend Carol gave me two skeins of sock yarn because I can't wait to learn to knit socks.

I also received some interesting birthday cards.
First, one from my niece in Denver. She has been to our house many times, but swears she doesn't remember this poster we have framed in our bedroom. Granted, it is behind the bedroom door and really only visible when the door is shut. I thought it was quite the trick that she picked a card I like so much that I have a larger version.

And this card from my friend Carol made me laugh;

Kim gave me an interesting card. The message was very appropriate for me I thought.

"Dance to your own music! Reach for you own star!
Shine like the delightful, charming birthday girl you are!"

OK so far.
Now scroll down for the card;

That's right, BARBIE. He blames me. Says he liked the message and that I'm the one always playing Barbie dolls. OK, he's got me there.


Bek said...

Great tulips! It's interesting how stuff gets moved around or forgotten over the years. Love the cat's card!

Jane O' said...

I can't wait to see the moon garden in full bloom.

Bob and Robin said...

Wonderful springtime photos! I have also posted some on the TVWS blog. High BP! Yuk! Join the club. My Dr also prescribed statins for cholesterol, but, having my personal and attending Nurse, I found other meds from New Zealand that work just as well (I think - I'll know in June) and my Doc agreed to let me try them. Actually, I think it's more genetic than dietary. Eat more salmon! She's really a great Doc and both Robin and I like her.
Oh well, just some thoughts.
--- Bob

Genie said...

Gasp! I want a moon garden!

mmichele said...

I love your determined orange tulip. I agree that you should let him live where he wants.

Rosemary said...

love your hodge podge missive.
got a smile out of your cards.
tulips are sensational.
Ps. don't forget to send me your address so I can PIF.