Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Cleanup Begins.....

Actually the cleanup began last fall when I was off work. While unemployed, I managed to get out into the garden and get quite a few things cut back. This past weekend Kim and I started on the unfinished business left in the garden. Actually I only worked about two hours, due to having picked up a flu bug. Kim managed to hang in there and now we probably just have a day or two of work left to do.
There are some plants coming up and I managed to take some photos.

Giant alliums. These have multiplied many times since we first planted them. Kim and I both enjoy this plant and I dug up the bulbs and spread them throughout the garden last fall so I'm looking forward to the effect this spring.

Most of our daylilies are established and perform well during the summer.

The desert candles (Eremurus), tulips, and poppies are also optimistic about spring.

There's a saying in Boise that spring hasn't arrived until the snow has completely gone from Schafer Butte. As you can see even from our little garden patch, our view of the mountains still shows plenty of snow up there.

This little crocus blooming amid the lawn really made me smile.

Hope everyone has a great week.


Naturegirl said...

When flowers bloom bright the heart feels light! Your garden is waking up from it's deep sleep!!
I would see these images back home in Canada in that I am here in Arizona my heart is singing seeing all the desert in SPRING!! hugs NG xo

Bek said...

Your tulips seem to be further ahead than mine. At least I also have crocus blooming:) I hope you feel better soon!

Bob and Robin said...

Yes, it really is Springtime In The Rockies. All the new growth, clean up trees and shrubs and prune the roses. It is so good to see these things again. The greenhouse plants are coming along just fine. Planted some heirloom tomatoes for Robin and the basil is looking good. Do you need any basil or tomatoes, Victoria? Just some thoughts on this rainny, spring day.
---- Bob

Rosemary said...

How nice your garden looks already, snow is still covering our gardens tho it is slowly melting.