Sunday, March 9, 2008

Job Update

Well it's been one busy week, training on my new job. Here are a few pictures of the deli.

I've been working in the salad area this past week. The Boise Co-op is known for it's variety of options; items not available elsewhere. Specifically, some things we've offered this week -

Wheatberry and Veggie salad
Spanish Broccolini salad
Mesquite Grilled Chicken salad
Pasta Toscano
Riviera Rice and Lentil salad
Veggie Lasagne
Curried Brown Rice and Tofu salad
Pacific Rim Pasta
Potsticker Salad
Edamame salad
Tamari Salmon
Wild Rice Salad with butternut squash and soy beans

There are also sliced meat, cheeses and olives sections and I'll be trained in those areas also. Behind the salad case is the sandwich station where we prepare fresh sandwiches to go. To the left of the salads is the bakery/espresso area where they offer all sorts of delectable goodies you can imagine including gelato. (I can't wait to spend more time in that area.)

The work is non-stop hectic, there is always something that needs done and I'm constantly playing catch up. I hope as I become faster and more confident I'll also become more efficient. It's a full 8 hour shift on my feet and that has been taking its toll. I purchased these this week;

but my feet still hurt. Perhaps that's just a matter of getting used to being on my feet all day.
I did visit with the manager of the wine shop this week to let him know I was now working in the deli. He said being hired in the wine area was a possibility but probably not until this fall. I think I would fit in better at the wine shop and enjoy the work more. The deli is fine for now but my co-workers are all 20 somethings and conversation is geared towards, well, 20 something stuff; boy/girlfriends, drinking, partying, etc. It would be nice to work with people more my age. Vanessa came over to visit one night this past week and as I talked to her I realized just how mature she really is at only 23 years old. It was refreshing.
So, working again. I do have Sundays and Mondays off so that works well with Kim's schedule. We plan on working in the garden tomorrow. My little seedlings are doing well and I'll post an update on them soon. I'm sure after a month or so I'll settle in at the deli and be just fine. It's good to be working again and to be able to look forward to bringing home a paycheck.


Bek said...

Those cakes and cookies look delicious!! How is it working all day with food? Are tired of seeing or smelling them all day? I can imagine how your feet must feel at the end of the day. Standing for so long makes them feel as if they weigh a ton. Have fun working in the garden!

Rosemary said...

The co-op looks like a delightful place to work.
I too work with some 20 year olds I look at it as keeping in tune with that generation , oh my certainly opens my eyes.
You must have sore feet on them for 8 hours, hopefully your energy level and stamina will perk up.

Bob and Robin said...

Talk to the 20 year olds with intelligence and philosophically and it will "blow their minds". It looks like you are enjoying the Co-Op and, of course, Robin and I will probably see you there. (I get to sneek in every once in a while - great flour selections. I plan to put some photos of my "seedlings" on the blog today. Need some basil? Robin wants some Heirloom tomatoes, so I have to start them. We are going to the Tomato Fest in S California in September. That should be interesting. Enjoy your work. Maybe see you at a tasting?
--- Bob

Genie said...

That looks like a really good place to get fat! Now I have to go Google wheatberries, no idea what that is.

I'm sorry about your feet!!! I feel your pain. Good luck finding some really comfy shoes. Those shoes look fun and sturdy, but not very cushy. You need squooshy gooshy shoes to stand on concrete all day!

My fingers will be crossed for you getting over to the wine section!!!! Hanging out with 20 somethings isn't my idea of a fun work environment either. Ugh.

Connie said...

I'll take a Mesquite Grilled Chicken go. ;-)
Hope your feet adjust soon, and that you get the transfer you desire. If we are ever in Boise again, will be sure to stop by!

Natalie said...

I am glad you like it! Looks like a yummy place to work. You'll love the Dansko's. I have a few pairs from my serving days and I loved them. We live near one of the outlets...which is very nice!
I'll have to start taking pics of our what's popping up in our garden soon!