Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring. It's definitely on its way. I know because these are now by our front door.

That's right. My flip-flops have dragged themselves out of the closet and are ready for walkin'!

Other springtime activity inside the house; both the bougainvilla and the Easter cactus are blooming. Our bougainvilla only seems to bloom during the winter. Don't ask me why.

I've been messing around with Photoshop; (click to enlarge)

I bought a primrose this week, they're so pretty at the stores right now and mine are just coming up in the garden and not blooming yet, so I couldn't resist. The primrose looks great in this little frog planter my hubby bought for me a while back. Looks nice by the front door.

I also played with that image for a while; (click to enlarge)

The only thing blooming in our garden now are these snowdrops I planted last fall. I could have used about 100 of them. I think I only planted about a dozen. Well, there's always next year.

Tulips and daffodils are showing up everywhere, just enough to be frightened by the snow/hail we saw yesterday. This month there will be lots of changes in the garden. I can't wait!


Bek said...

It can be really fun playing with photoshop! I really like it though when I can just leave the pics as they are - maybe crop them.
Have a good first day at work tomorrow!

Bob and Robin said...

Great photos, Victoria! Yes, spring is around the corner - buds on cherry tree,forsythia and walnut tree. Also tulips are up about 3 inches. Love that frog! And do have a great day at work tomorrow. I will be working on Brioche.
--- Bob

Anonymous said...

Oh yes FLOWERS! They make my eyes so happy at this time of year. I especially like the little snow drops...they're such little troopers coming up before the snow is all gone.

Genie said...

Spring must be like heaven for you!

I need a Photoshop mentor, I know there is so much more I could do if I just knew how to use the program. Such a GREAT program!

I never get to put my flip flops away, most days here are so warm. in the winter you might wear lace ups or boots in the morning and have to change into shorts and flip flops by the afternoon. I've run the a/c a lot this winter. We have a lot of happy gardeners in Texas, even the nursery is fairly busy in the winter.

Wurzerl said...

dxfcccccccccccccc - sorry, the first word is written by my cat Mauzi, but I don' t know, what the word means. It can be that Mauzi tells you that your Spring pictures are all beautiful. I think the same.
Have a wonderful day

Rosemary said...

I am happy for you that spring is peeping out of your garden.

The white stuff is still blanketing our yard tho I have heard that robins have been spotted in the area.

Your flower pics are great , you can be another Andy Warhol.