Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Shopping

Yesterday before work and during the much welcomed spring rain I decided to drive out to Edward's Greenhouse.

The perfect cure for the winter doldrums; a trip to the nursery where all things are green and colorful and cheerful and just begging to be taken home and planted.

Just look at all the lilies waiting for Easter to arrive......

We've spent more money than I care to estimate at Edward's Nursery over the years and we haven't regretted a dime. We have a garden we thoroughly enjoy thanks, in part, to their great selections, knowledge and advice. Yesterday my one purchase was a single packet of foxglove seeds, but spending time in the nursery made the trip worthwhile.


Bek said...

It's never easy to go to a nursery and not buy lots of stuff. It's like buying groceries when being hungry. Our nurseries or garden centers don't have a big selection yet. Just tulips and prime roses. I guess I need to wait a few more weeks.

Bob and Robin said...

Edward's is a dangerous place! One can spend a fortune there - many times over. Guess I'll play the lottery so I can go to Edward's.
--- Bob

Rosemary said...

Oh my I also would spend lots of money at that nursery, certainly makes one feel springlike.

Wurzerl said...

I close my eyes if I see a nursery!
But in your post I open my eyes to see what you can buy just in the moment. It' s very interesting to see. Lilies and Hydrangeas you can' t buy here. But all Spring flowers which are blooming now or will come soon in our gardens.
Have a great week