Monday, February 25, 2008

Garden Art?

I found this website in the March issue of Garden Design magazine......Tree Jewelry. That's exactly what they're selling; jewelry for trees.

Wouldn't really work in our small garden patch, but I could see these in a botanical garden somewhere. To me, garden art needs some space. We do have a few statues in our garden, but most cannot be viewed from each other. They're either small enough to be hidden amongst the plants or are placed behind a wall or on a fence.

But the jewelry thing got me to thinking.........and since I'm still unemployed, that, naturally, leads to wasting time on the computer.....

Bling, baby!

(.....don't think this will ever catch on.)

One thing we've never purchased is a garden gnome. And they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and even sexes.

You can even buy a George W. gnome. Why anyone would want to, I don't understand.

And some more gnome humor from Youtube....


mmichele said...

i must get busy for next season. my trees and flowers have nothing to wear!

Lauren said...

I think someone definitely needs to start manufacturing flower earrings. I would totally buy them!

Bek said...

Did you know that Garden gnomes are something typical German (the first ones were made in Germany)?

Rosemary said...

made me smile at the garden jewellery.
think I will pass on that trend tho the gnomes are a possibility.