Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I just can't stop myself......more seeds.

Never enough flowers. These are the seeds I planted today. (These pictures are what they should look like this summer.)

1. Scabiosa - Ace of Spades - This is a great garden flower, almost perennial here, and always a standout due to its dark color.
2. Catnip - for the cats
3. Catharanthus roseus - Vinca - Love this flower, stands up to the heat well.
4. Catharanthus - Vinca - Mediterranean lilac
5. Gazania - Talent Mixed - - Another great heat tolerant flower.
6. Nicotiana sylvestris - - White is great in the garden and this flower has a wonderful scent.
7. Amaranthus - Josephs Coat - - Easy to grow from seed, adds that tropical look.
8. Salvia - Phoenix Bright Lilac - - non stop bloomer.
9. Dahlia - Cactus Mix - A little height, a little jazzyness.

10. Antirrhinum "Black Prince" - good, reliable snapdragon.
11. Red Castor Bean - these are great plants, but beware, they are poisonous.
12. Osteospermum "Glisening White" - always need some white
13. Salvia - "Forest Fire" - gorgeous, brilliant; flowers non-stop with a bit of deadheading. (Can you tell I love red?)
14. Portulaca grandiflora Single Moss Rose - another great heat tolerant flower
15. Salvia - Kaleidoscope Mix - OK, something with just some red in it
16. Salvia "Lady in Red" - OK, MORE red!
17. Vinca Mediterranean Apricot Broadeye - sunlover
18. Antirrhinum - "Rembrandt" - love the yellow/red mix

19. Portulaca - "Sundial Mango" - heat tolerant, nice color
20. Dahlia - Collarette mix - I like dahlias, reliable and easy to start from seeds.

There's nothing here I haven't grown before, except maybe the salvia Kaleidoscope, and that hardly counts as I've grown many salvias previously. I enjoy all these flowers. And what, do you ask, do I plan to do with them all? Well, some will go in pots as the front of our house has a lot of pavement and I enjoy changing it up with potted plants and flowers. Also, there are hanging baskets to fill, pots on the back porch, window boxes, and various areas in the perennial garden that I like to fill in with annuals. And annuals give you such color during the summer; blooming their sweet little heads off.

I believe it was Kim who first fell in love with Castor Bean plants, and we've been growing them for years. They do well in large pots and also planted in the ground in a bed. Here's a picture of one we saw while we were in France. Ours never reach this size, but you can see why they're popular. They come in both red and green leaved versions.

The seeds are poisonous but we've never had a problem with them.

Hope you're all having a great week.


Bek said...

Hmm, maybe you should open up a nursery! Who wouldn't buy any of those great looking flowers!

Rosemary said...

I can hardly wait to see the pictures of your garden this year with all your "babies" you have grown from seed