Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Market

Kim and I, continuing with his vacation, ate breakfast out this morning at the Capri restaurant. Where, my son assured us, we could eat for $5 apiece. Pretty close; the bill was $14. Then Kim and I went to the Saturday market, which Kim never sees because he works every Saturday. We enjoyed walking around and looking; stopping only for $1 cups of decent coffee (that's one thing the Capri DIDN'T have), and doing some people watching. We agreed that the main differences between this market and the ones we visited in France were - size (the ones in France were HUGE), and price - the market in Boise, sad to say, is more of a "yuppie" market - everything is "specialty" and thus overpriced. The markets in France were so common and the items were all priced so "normal" people could shop without feeling overwhelmed. Still, we enjoyed perusing the market, and pretending we were in France again.

It's been a good day. We came home and watered the garden, I made bruschetta for dinner and we're watching the BSU/Wyoming game. (Go BSU!!!)


Genie said...

Hey, those are some fun photographs! Really colorful! There are a lot of recipes for Calabacitas. And they're all different. I just saute onions, brown meat (usually venison) or add whatever cooked and shredded meat I have available, add fresh peeled and chopped tomatoes (unless I'm too lazy to peel them) and fresh, chopped zucchini, plus Mexican seasonings like oregano, cumin, garlic, salt to taste, and a dash of chili powder. I usually use 2 lbs. each of tomatoes and zucchini but it's a kitchen sink recipe, use what you have that works. It shouldn't be overcooked, I add the zucchini after everything has been simmering for 15 to 25 minutes so it's not falling apart when I serve. The flavors need to blend well before adding the zucchini, then just cook for 10 minutes longer. I'm thinking of trying it with cream next time, might thicken it up a bit. Serve it on rice maybe. Thanks for checking me out!

Rosemary said...

what a nice Saturday jaunt