Friday, September 14, 2007

Camping, Forest Fires and Sheepherding

Kim and I returned from our camping trip to Burgdorf, Idaho. We had a great time, although due to the forest fire situation our regular campsite was taken over by fire fighers. (The nerve!) We had to camp somewhere else. Oh well, it was OK. Both nights we were visited by one of the sheepherder's dogs, a huge white, rather friendly guy. (September is usually the month they bring the sheep down from the mountain valleys.) So we entertained him for a while, he enjoyed my homemade dog biscuits, and Chelsea even attempted to play with him. Kim and I took a hike during the day up Crystal Mountain; took some photos, (Kim tried out some infrared filters), looked for crystals (didn't find any), and ate a picnic lunch. It was nice, being out of town, even with the fire danger which meant no campfire and caused some smokiness in the air on our second day. It's nice to be home in our nice, soft, WARM bed though!

See pics of our camping here.


Bek said...

Great pictures! The pool looks very relaxing. Is it also open in winter?

Natalie said...

Your photos are usual. That dog was beautiful...Great Pyrenees? Idaho is really beautiful...thanks for sharing the photos.

Victoria Williams said...

Bek - Yes, they are open in the winter, but accessible only by snowmobile, I believe.

Natalie - I think the dog was a Great Pyrenees.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures , animal are beautiful ! Cant wait to go Camping.