Saturday, April 20, 2019

Dining Out

Kim and I decided to eat out last night.  I love trying new places.  And there are plenty to try around here.  You just have to be willing to drive a bit.  It took us 46 minutes to reach this place.

We live in the orange circle.  We drove to the red marker.

The restaurant is called The Raven.  My daughter warned me it was kind of a "dive".  I didn't mind.  I'd been wanting to eat somewhere near there for quite a while.  The view of Woods Bay, where the restaurant is located (and is also the name of the town), is beautiful.  Just a partial view of huge Flathead Lake.

I started off the evening with a Huckleberry Fizz.  Delicious.

Then I switched to a Porch Pounder;  sour and slower to go down.  Which can be a good thing, right?

Kim went with the Peanut Butter Cup Porter.  Who would have thought peanut butter BEER would taste good???  It tasted GREAT.  Kim said it was probably the best beer he's ever drank.

There is plenty of outdoor seating for better weather.  Lots of people chose to sit outside last night, the temps were perfect;  in the 50's.
I didn't take pics of our food.  (I know, crazy, right?)  We started off with chips and salsa, then I ordered their fish tacos with a salad;  really good.  Kim had a burger and fries which he said was also very good.

There were some real characters present.  We met a woman who won on The Gong show years ago and who used to have a singing act in Las Vegas.  Then there was the couple with their young son who just moved here four days ago from Florida of all places. 
I had also chosen the Raven for the promise of live music that night.  Well, it was live.  And you could recognize most of the songs.

Kim and I had an enjoyable evening out.  It's always nice to shake up your senses by going someplace different.

Lovely sunset, too.

And I have already reneged on my decision to stop my knitting podcast.  I missed it already and decided to stop being such a whiny baby.  Who cares how many subscribers I have if I'm enjoying what I'm doing?
You can find the newest one here if you're interested.

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Capucyne said...

Quel merveilleux endroit pour dîner !