Thursday, February 23, 2017

Winter All The Time

That's it folks.
Don't look for anything else.

Granted, sometimes that snow can be very beautiful.

We've been doing some snowshoeing on our property.

It's an easier way to get around.

I really enjoy seeing animal tracks.

Jessie enjoys being outdoors.

But all the cats like to join me in my warm knitting room.

The hens are adjusting well to the snow.

Kim keeps the paths shoveled.

I continue to play.

View of our back yard off the porch;

There's just no denying that snow and winter can be very beautiful.

But spring will arrive soon enough and we'll get out and get more active and there will less time for this:


Chris said...

I love this because I love winter. :)

Bertrand said...

I love to see how your hens just adapted so easily in the cold winter and snow. Did the egg production stayed stable?

Patrick said...

Tracks in the snow...crazy!

Thanks for sharing,