Saturday, January 14, 2017

Well Hello Winter!

It's been winter 24/7 now.
And no, I expected no less than that.
We've seen temperatures as low as -26F (that's -32C).  And yes, I hope that's as cold as we get this winter but we'll see.

There's been a lot of this:

Frankie can't get close enough to the wood stove at times.

We're still going on walks.  It's been beautiful outside.

We don't often see the deer but they're around.  Tracks are everywhere.

Home sweet home.

I have been doing some knitting.

And if you're interested in knitting, or just want to listen to my slight lisp, I've begun a short, short, knitting podcast on youtube.

Otherwise my advice is to follow Frankie's example and stay warm!

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Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Victoria, you live in such a beautiful place! Fresh air, gorgeous scenery, lovely home... Love your pictures!