Monday, August 17, 2015

The Dregs of August

We didn't plant many August blooming flowers.  Thus our garden is a bit boring during this month.
But there is still a bit of action.

There is also some inaction as Scarface enjoys some sunshine.

And I entertain myself feeding the koi:

That's about it.  Hope your garden is more exciting.  Or at least your summer is.


Chris said...

Scarface deserves his inaction. #teamscarface

Country Girl said...

What do you do with your Koi over the winter? My memory of Idaho winters is that they are long, cold, and snowy!

Victoria Williams said...

Country Girl, the trick is to dig the pond at least three feet deep. That way it won't freeze solid all the way through and the fish can sort of hibernate during the winter. It's also important to keep an opening in the ice so any gas can escape, otherwise the fish will die from lack of oxygen. We've had these koi probably 10 years now and they overwinter very well.


I'm afraid I resembled Scarface a lot during the month of August. A lot of inaction while the weeds grew. :) And now it feels more like October. I'm glad for the cooler weather but sad that our summer days are numbered. Cheers.