Monday, August 31, 2015

August Dinner

We spent another great evening last night with family and friends.
And since it's late August, and tomato time, our entree was Tomato Cobbler.

I've made this dish before and it's always a big hit.  If you have lots of tomatoes as we do, then don't hesitate to try this.

Here's the recipe:  (click to enlarge)

Note:  Cherry tomatoes are not a requirement;  just chop up whatever tomatoes you have on hand.  Remember, this is a "cobbler", you wouldn't put cherry sized peaches in a peach cobbler.

Keeping to a late summer theme I also made this apple salad.

Dessert was super easy;  this frozen lime terrine is much easier than it looks and makes a good impression.  Be sure to unmold it before your guests arrive, sometimes it takes a bit and you'll be standing around waiting on it to defrost enough to come out of the pan. Unmold it onto a plate and put it back in the freezer until you're ready for it.

The recipe calls for blackberries but the store was out so I substituted raspberries instead.  No problem.

What have you been making with your tomato crop?


Country Girl said...

My tomatoes have been pathetic this year. We have been eating peaches lately (not from my tree - sadly they all disappeared as tiny baby peaches, but from a local orchard. Peach ice cream, peach cobbler, peach pie, peach syrup for pancakes...yum1

Pat said...

Amazing how so many bloggers can keep it going (garden,etc blogging) for so long. Glad you're still here.

Pat said...

Oh , have to save your tomato recipe.