Monday, March 23, 2015

Another This and That and I'm Famous!

Surprise, surprise, I've been knitting!  (Seems like that's all I want to do lately.)  Lately I love knitting while listening to books on tape.  For a while I was using LibriVox.  Then I figured out how to download audible books from our library onto my iPod and I've been obsessed with that.

Here's a sweater I recently finished.  And guess what?  It fits! I used this pattern from Ravelry.

I also recently finished these gloves.  They were a challenge for me, and I enjoyed them.  (They aren't perfect, I pulled a bit tight on the corners and there's a ridge consequently, but I'll survive.)  Isn't it a gorgeous pattern though?  If you're a knitter, and not on Ravelry, you should be.  Although I recently pinned a bunch of gorgeous patterns from Pinterest.  These gloves are Kihnu Gloves from Nancy Bush.

Guess who thinks I should throw his ball?  Mr. Gimp.  Ridiculous.
His best is getting in and out our back door without assistance.  He needs to give up on chasing balls for quite some time.

Recently I did some work in the garden.  
What does that really mean? "Worked in the garden."
I pulled weeds.
But I did see these pretty tulips blooming.

And these forget me nots, from a garden blogger friend.  Spring really has arrived.

Felix snuggled up while I was knitting.

I got to spend time with my adorable granddaughter.

Kim and I had another great trip to Stargaze yurt.

Sans Scarface this time.  We took Chelsea with us but Scarface had to stay home due to his ACL issues.  Vanessa was unfortunate enough to get to care for him while we were gone.

And my first ever radio interview aired this week.  You can listen in here.

"Monica interviews special guest Victoria Williams and they discuss her blog where she writes about her love of gardening, knitting, cooking, camping, and family.  Victoria talks about when she first met Monica and the powerful experience that she had that night as well as her past adventures and hopeful new ones.  They also talked about life challenges and the challenges of being a parent."


Unknown said...

congrats on the interview : ) I know what you mean about being obsessed with the Ipod: my sweetheart recently got me an Ipod touch & I have been obsesses with listening to podcasts while working in the shop, lol

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Victoria !
Thanks for stopping by my blog : )
Yes .. I kneel all the time but my left knee has finally said "only in emergencies will I let you kneel and that is going to hurt anyways woman!"LOL .. I don't knit and I am amazed at the gorgeous pattern you have followed with the sweater and gloves .. they look beautiful and so intricate!
I have to come back and listen to the interview, congratulations on that girl !
PS .. we are still locked in winter with a lot of snow still so I am totally envious of you!
That last picture is breath taking .. you captured those stunning stars in the sky!

Capucyne said...

Tu es une artiste ! très jolie veste de laine, mais je suis admirative devant ces gants qui semblent si compliqués !
Délicieuses petites tulipes !!!

Chris said...

Lovely sweater, and you look lovely in it. Such a happy, smiling face!

I've been planning a few thoughts re: audio books myself. I got hooked last summer, not it's about all I listen to. I love them.

Finally, I need to visit that yurt. Seems right up my alley. I probably wouldn't want to leave, though. I'm sure you can relate to that.

Kathleen said...

You are such an accomplished knitter Victoria. Great pic of you in your beautiful sweater & the gloves are awesome too. I am addicted to Pinterest but never looked at knitting projects. One day....


Knitting completely baffles me, Victoria. Your sweater and gloves look amazing. Great job. I do believe your "Forget Me Nots" are actually Brunnera macrophylla The flowers look the same but unlike FMN that wither and die after blooming, the Brunnera foliage will stick around and look gorgeous until fall. I've got a variegated one, also a pass-along from my friend. Congrats on your interview. Have a great Easter.