Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's Coming

Spring is threatening in our area.  We actually could use more winter, especially more snow pack.

Daffodils are poking up their heads.

Alliums are feeling the warming weather.

Looks as if we'll see at least a few hellebore blossoms.

Snowdrops are blooming in the shade garden.

The longer days have caused our girls to put out more eggs.

Frankie and Chelsea share a warm spot.

I got to spend some time babysitting my granddaughter.

I also knitted a sweater for her. It's the 7 Hour Sweater from Ravelry. I like the pattern quite a bit.

And Scarface has torn his ACL.

Here he is without surgery:

We're debating the wisdom of spending thousands of dollars on him.


OJD - Ron said...

We got the same ACL news on Lucky a few months ago. About six weeks on steroids and he's good as new. I'd get a second opinion. Our first Vet wanted to operate. No thanks.

OJD - Ron said...

P.S. I'm an Idaho blog too ;-)

Chris said...

Such a tease, this false spring.

And poor old Scarface just can't catch a break, can he?

Anonymous said...

have a husky that had a ruptured cruciate. I bought her one of these knee braces. saved me an extra few thousand dollars! and she is still here 10 years later :)

Sara said...

We brought in a small flower from our backyard this week - and we live in Sun Valley. We got snow last night, but yikes!

Country Girl said...
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Country Girl said...

The eggs and your sweater are beautiful! We got 4 more inches of snow yesterday and the night time temps are in the single digits here in Spring in sight for us!