Saturday, January 31, 2015

And Again

Once again Scarface had surgery this week;  on his right eye.  Same problem as last time.  Different eye.
He and Frankie are sharing the sick bed.  We had to make a sick bed because the same day he went in for his eye surgery he managed somehow to hurt his right back leg.  Consequently he can't access his favorite sleeping places;  our couches.  (We got to listen to a LOT of whining about that.)
He'll see our regular vet on Monday.  Leg issues aren't something the opthamologist vet can deal with.


Country Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :-) I grew up in the boonies about an hour from Boise. I have been lurking around looking at your blog in the past - love your pictures and gardens! Do you know what is causing the ulcers in your dog's eyes? Ours had major surgery while we were on vacation last summer - gastric torsion. Our dog sitter saved her life by taking her to the vet!

Capucyne said...

toute la famille au chaud en attendant des jours meilleurs !

Victoria Williams said...

Country Girl, I'm not sure what has caused Scarface's eye issues. Probably due to the fact that he likes to paw at his eyes for some reason, could be allergies. Gastric torsion sounds awful. Your dog is lucky she had a good sitter!