Thursday, June 26, 2014

Playing in our Garden

Kim and I have one especially prolific garden bed right now.

It is overflowing with coreopsis, lychnis coronaria, black eyed susans, ratibida columnifera, larkspur, yarrow, and white and pink sweet peas.

So Kim and I hang around and participate in another favorite pastime of ours;  photography.

There were two bumble bees buzzing around that afternoon.  It was the pink sweet peas to which the insects swarmed.
Click on the pics to really see them up close.

I never thought of bumble bees as having tongues. But you can just make it out in the photo below.

Kim likes to shoot from a distance for that great depth of field which blurs the background nicely.

I enjoy the close ups my little point and shoot camera offers.
You can just make out the dragonfly in the photo below.
I think it is a Twelve Spotted Skimmer.  Probably female.

Anyway, it was fun.  Hope you're enjoying your summer!


Unknown said...

WOW!!!! Amazing pictures!!! I love the bumble bee tongue one :)


You know what's really cool, Victoria? In your third to the last photo the camera is the same blue color as the delphiniums. You planned that, didn't you? :) Digital photography is so much fun. There are no risks and you can take as many photos as your card will hold. I have a lot of fun with it too. Your long shots of this prolific perennial bed are outstanding. I love the juxtaposition of the weathered log and the gravel pathway. Such a beautiful garden, my friend.

Chris said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love your garden (and am envious). And the bees!

Pat said...

Looks like you guys got a super dupper new camera. Pictures are perfect. I got your message...still having problems with my link ?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG ! what gorgeous pictures you have captured !
I love the bee but the dragonfly pictures are outstanding!!
I hope you have them blown up and framed because they are stunning.
Your garden is so pretty too.
And I agree with Grace .. perfect pairing : )

Greg said...

That bee looks huge. The pink sweet peas look like something I should add to my yard.

Jean | said...

Kim and Victoria, your photos (and your garden) are fabulous!