Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Don't Look For Anything Else

It's all show and tell folks, don't look for anything else today.

Spring is here, as everyone knows, and I have a Granddaughter due on July 30, so I've been torn between knitting for her and taking care of our garden.

First, one of the sweaters I recently finished for the coming arrival.

Since we're focusing on pink;  Clematis Champagne is in bloom...

On with the bright pink!  Here's a little top I made for her also.

I love pink in the garden also.  Here's our pink tree peony in full bloom.

And up close.

More pink, with a bit of blue thrown in.  Another sweater I finished.

Multi Blue clematis is blooming on the gazebo.

I had to make a little dress to match the lamb sweater.

There was black and white in those lambs, so I'll use that as an excuse to throw in a pic of our hen Tootsie.  She always looks so handsome to me.

And speaking of hens, (well, it doesn't matter, I'm completely off track with this post.)
Here's a baby blanket I knitted.  See if you can pick out the teddy bear pattern.

I did move away, a bit, from all pink, and went with this little dress.

I think the buttons really make it.

I hope whatever you're doing, you're enjoying it.  Life's too short not to.


Jj said...

Donc une petite fille, la voilà habillée pour ses premiers jours, elle sera toute belle ! Félicitations pour ce beau travail de tricot !

Victoria Williams said...

Merci, Jj!


Congratulations, Grandma! You are soooo talented. I envy you your ability to knit. I've never been able to master it. Your gardens are lovely and so is Tootsie. This time of year, I wish I could bottle it and savor it in small doses. It's going to be gone before we know it. Take care.