Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Can't Get Enough

I'm so enjoying spring.  I especially love this time of year between "official" spring and the beginning of "official" summer.  As we watch the garden unfold, and before the heat sets in.

Clematis 'Macropetala Markham's Pink's' blooms look papery and fragile.

This pink tree peony, unknown variety, has opened its first bloom.

Kim caught me putting my nose into it.  But who can resist?  They're not just for viewing, they're for the scent also.  And peonies smell fantastic.

Speaking of enjoying the smell of spring, Felix does so in the front yard with the phlox.

He looks sweet, doesn't he?
But I wonder why I bothered planting anything in this planter box out front, which has turned into a "cat box".

The phlox out front are still hanging in there.  And now with the Antoinette tulips in bloom, it's looking lovely out there.

Out back again, Felix takes a cat nap among the soon to be blooming Peachleaf Bellflowers.

An allium starting to push open.

And Scarface has met the hens.  He gets protective of his tennis balls, but otherwise it's been uneventful.  I think it helped that he has been exposed to them through the fence for so long and has come to accept them as part of our "pack".

Another lovely miniature tulip out back.

And a picture by Kim, of Scarface reflected in a wine glass.

And waiting patiently, or not, for someone to throw his tennis ball.


Barbarapc said...

Oh what a tonic. Looks like you're at least 4 weeks ahead of us. Was pruning Japanese peony yesterday - so much lost to winter cold. Hoping the remaining stems will deliver a few blossoms. They are such treasures. Felix certainly does know how to prepare for his close-up. Love seeing him in the phlox.

Unknown said...

This is so pretty! I hope you will share it at my NEW 'Home Sweet Garden' link up party every Tuesday! ♥ Brooke

This week's party is here... http://nblo.gs/WCW2Q

Goneferalinidaho said...

The phlox look great. I think we need to add some to our yard. Scarface is wonderful leaving those chickens be.


Aw, that Felix. He found a box to sleep in. Cat's and their boxes. I love the tulips and phlox. It looks like it belongs in a magazine. And that allium blossom, wow! Nice shot of Scarface, in both places. I love this time of year too. It's hot today but is supposed to be back to the 60s-70s this weekend. Let the gardening begin.