Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring's a comin'!

I took a stroll out through the garden today.
Not much to see.  It's all still brown and unattractive.

Felix took advantage of the situation and jumped up for a ride. 
Check out the ride he took last year, you'll see an entirely different looking garden.

Randy and Meg are posting about their hellebore blooms.  You should check them out.

Grace also has a post including hellebore blooms. Very nice.

Here is one of ours. 
Not attractive.
Not yet anyway. 
At least a few more weeks.

I do have one bloom to show.  Our snowdrops (galanthus) are in bloom.

And Tootsie tried to chew off my wedding ring this morning.  My fault.  (I didn't let her keep up the attempt too long.)  Speaking of chickens, there was a waiting line for the nesting box today.  The extra sunshine has woken up the girls to start laying more often.  There are two nesting boxes for six hens but it seems everyone prefers the right hand box for some odd reason.


Goneferalinidaho said...

Bring on the spring! The snowdrops are beautiful.


Oh Victoria, I LOVE that photo of you and Felix. He looks so happy on your shoulder. Right at home and very well loved.

I must confess, MY hellebores aren't quite open yet. The ones at the Deepwood Estate were MUCH nicer than mine. I'll have to visit Randy & Meg's site to see theirs. Thanks for the link to my blog. You're sweet.

You must have been down on your belly to get that fabulous capture of the snowdrops. Even the little water droplets are crystal clear. Beautiful!

And Tootsie, what a feisty girl. How nice that your hens are starting to lay again. Pretty soon you'll be having quiche for breakfast, lunch and dinner. :)

Your garden looks very interesting in winter. I hope you'll take another photo in this exact spot in two months from now. I bet the change will be very dramatic.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Enjoy the eggs!!