Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little by Little

Little by little spring is on its way.
Robins are more noticeable now.

More galanthus have bloomed.

One of my favorite tree peonies has buds.

And our fight with Ginger continues.  Kim recently added more fencing in his/our attempt to contain her behind the garage with the rest of the flock.

Here's the addition Kim put up last year.
It didn't stop her either.

She doesn't care.  She manages to maneuver around every obstacle.  Our last option is to clip a wing or two.

Here she and Chelsea go head to head in the back yard.  Ginger has been a bad girl and flown over the fence once again.


Jj said...

Nous avons eu beaucoup de poules quand nous avions notre ferme, un peu comme les Mérigots, mais nous n'avions pas de vaches !
Quand une ou des poules ont décidé d'aller dans un endroit que nous ne voulions pas, on avait beau faire, mettre du grillage, une barrière, les chasser, elles trouvaient toujours un moyen pour y aller... Bien souvent nous avions fini par remarquer qu'en les laissant faire, elles finissaient par se lasser de l'endroit et en choisissaient un autre après, mais les dégâts étaient là quand même, malheureusement !

Lona said...

I always love seeing that first Robin appear in my yard every year. Makes Spring seem closer.
Sorry I have not been around but the Google Reader was messing ups so I got everyone's back postings all at once. I wondered where everyone was. LOL!
Have a lovely weekend.

Emily said...

aw ginger, what a naughty chicken! that peony looks like it's going to be incredible. wonderful to see signs of spring all around.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Such lovely photographs and I'm so excited to see the Tree Peony blooms! They look so very cool right now even. I haven't kept up on the plight of Ginger but it sounds as if she has been tenacious! Will look forward to hearing more...

Jennifer said...

Finally today we had some warmer weather. We are well behind you and I don't have so much as a single crocus or snowdrop.
Thanks for this little spring preview. So nice to see the galanthus in bloom. Ginger likes a very determined girl with a very proud strut. Have a great Easter!

Jj said...

Je me suis permis de mettre ton blog en lien dans un article du jour concernant un peintre de rue, peinture que tu avais achetée il me semble à Bandol, si je me rappelle bien !
Que sont devenus ces "tableaux" ont ils duré avec le temps et les produits contenus dans la peinture ?
Bonne soirée,

Anonymous said...

The galanthus have bloomed perfectly. I just love the image, its's so beautiful..

cherisse said...

such a lovely garden! I cannot wait to see more pictures of its progress over the spring and summer months!

Anonymous said...

So interesting that Ginger can jump that high?? I never knew chickens could get more than a few feet off the ground?? You are sure learning a lot having the girls in your garden.

Thank you for your nice comments. It's been a really long winter. Not the year for spring to be slow but I guess we don't get a choice do we???
Hoping to stick around & check in more often.

Anonymous said...

P.S. What is the name of your favorite peony???? or do we wait until it blooms to find out?!!!