Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Flora and Fauna

It takes some diligence but there still are some perks to taking a stroll in our garden.

Some larkspurs are reblooming.

Asters are still at it.  They make great cut flowers.

Those calendula just never give up.

Castor bean seed pods provide brilliant color.

I also think their dried pods are interesting.

Some dianthus still trying.

I tried many times to get a decent picture of Solidago rugosa - 'Fireworks' goldenrod.
Maybe you can see why it received that name.

An unknown red mum.
Still pretty.

A sedum. (Don't ask me the variety.)

Clematis seed pods.  I love the way they shine in the sun.

Another anonymous mum.

Annual snapdragons hanging in there.

Another clematis seed head.  Looks as if it belongs in the ocean.

Nice daisy mum.

And of course, the garden spiders are out.
(Outside, where they belong.)

This website has some interesting facts about orb spiders including the fact that they "...are not dangerous".........and are...."beneficial to our environment."
Also, "Predicated upon climate, these spiders may live a little over a year from their hatching in the fall until the first hard frost the following year. In warmer temperatures, the female may live for several years but males usually die after mating in their first year."

So give them a break, they won't be around long.

I'll follow the scary spider picture up with something I hope is sweeter.

This is what goes on in our dog's bed.
There's four of them in there and they love it.
(Still looking for homes.)


Dirt Princess said...

Lookin good. The caster is pretty cool looking! The red mums remind me of all looks great

Jj said...

quelques fleurs là-dedans que je ne connais pas du tout, merci pour cette découverte fort intéressante !
Bisous de Toulouse,

Rosemary said...

So much is still flowering in your garden..... Lots of bright colour.. Reminded me I need to get an aster or 2 next spring.

Barbarapc said...

That's it, you've inspired me to get outside and look for a few of those last flower shots. It is always a treat to find the plants sending out those last fall bits of colour. Those blues/purples are amazing this time of year.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

We have Caster beans in the garden this year, those blooms last a long time, which I am happy about!
We have lots of those orb spiders, many hang around the boat...web dodging is an art!
Your garden is full of a lot of color this fall.
Cute kitties.

Capucyne said...

Belle profusion de fleurs automnales!

LJB said...

I love my fireworks goldenrod and think of you often as I enjoy it!

Kathleen said...

The larkspur photo is beautiful. I'm going to have to work some calendula into the garden if they bloom thru the first frosts. Gotta love anything that can handle that. It still looks beautiful there.

btw ~ your green tomato mincemeat pie looked delicious. I only remember eating mincemeat pie once ~ years ago