Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Cat Walking" in our Garden

We've had two nice days of rain which have done the garden a world of good. Felix followed me as I decided to take a little stroll this afternoon to see what might be newly in bloom. Before I knew what was happening he decided he needed a ride. He jumped right up on my shoulder, wanting to peruse the garden without getting his feet wet I assume. So we continued our walk together.
Clematis 'Haku Ookan' is blooming nicely.
The right side of the garden has shaped up well. I like the path and the alliums along the right side. On the left you can see our huge Sambucus nigra 'Eva'. It's just about ready to bloom.
We saw Tanacetum cossineum 'Robinson's Giant Crimson' with saponaria ocymoides and a yellow iris in the background.
Felix continued to ride on my shoulder, purring all the time.
We noticed the 'Red Charm' peony is fading onto the path.
Some foxgloves are blooming.
And the poppies are just beginning. Not sure which this one is but it's a lovely white.
Lots of columbines blooming.
Felix and I certainly enjoyed our garden tour. We hope you did too.


Emily said...

felix is adorable! one of my chickens likes to hop up and ride around on my shoulder when she can get to it. it's strange because she doesn't like to be picked up--it has to be on her terms.

beautiful clematis!! i've never seen a poppy that looks like that. and i love your picture of foxgloves.

Jj said...

Félix a l'air très câlin, il est adorable !

Goneferalinidaho said...

How cute! I can't wait to see it all in person.

Randy Emmitt said...

Felix and really a cool cat. Where is Oscar? Loved that red peony!!!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

How cute that Felix wanted a ride through the garden. Very sweet.
Love the whiskers on the Foxgloves. Your blooms look very happy, pretty columbines and wow, that double Clematis is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Smart cat!
Enjoyed your tour ~ lucky you to have two days of rain. It's been cooler this Memorial Day weekend but just windy ~ no rain.
That Sambucus is GIGANTIC!!! & Awesome. Hope you've had a good holiday weekend?

Rosemary said...

What an abundance of flowers in your garden , love that clematis and columbines.... heck love it all a little green with envy at all the beauty.


Ah, Felix is adorable. I love that he likes to ride on your shoulder. What a sweetie pie. I love the photo on the sidebar of he and Jessie.

Your garden looks wonderful. I love those alliums and that Tanacetum is the most gorgeous color as is the peony. Isn't it wonderful what a little (or a lot) of rain will do?