Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coming Along

It's been a long winter, or so it seems. Intellectually I know the seasons continue at their regularly scheduled pace but emotionally, that's another story.

As I showed in my previous post (and these posts have been few and far between this winter), our garden is beginning to move along a bit.

According to last year's post around this time we're right where we should be.

I believe this is a patch of tulips pushing up;

I was unaware that Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica) is evergreen. But here you are;

These daffodils will need moving since they're right in the middle of a path.

And I'm sooooo relieved to see that my new "Bunny Path" made it through the winter unharmed. I've had my fingers crossed for months now.

We made these stepping stones nice and thick, they weigh around 80 lbs each.

This heuchera looks practically untouched by the cold.

Kim bought himself a larger, used chipper this year and he's been making use of it when he prunes our trees.

And as usual, Mother Nature isn't giving up on winter quite yet. This was our backyard this morning.


Randy Emmitt said...

Wow love the stepping stones, entirely original! We are learning stained glass, I have seen awesome stepping stones with stained glass too. Your garden is on schedule we are at least a month ahead of schedule. The leaf chipper Kim is dealing with used to have one of those too much work too little return.

Lona said...

Oh I so love your stepping stones! How beautiful. Winter is just showing you it is not done yet. It will not last long now and it is so wonderful to see things starting to grow again.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I love how we can refer back to the previous year's posts and pictures to see whether we are on track for normal spring growth.
Your sweet Snowdrop in the snow picture is pretty....and those stepping stones are fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Wow, that heavenly bamboo looks fantastic! It must be well protected or a certain variety? I've never seen any others around here stay green through winter! Your pics are so pretty, esp. of the snow. I didn't get out and get any before most of it melted. Although it is March and I'm anxious for Spring to arrive, I so enjoyed the snowy moisture yesterday!

Stephen said...

I really, really enjoyed the pictures. thanks so much for posting them!