Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back to Life

I actually got out into the garden today and surprise, surprise, there are a few things coming up.

Like the snowdrops. Almost in bloom.

The primroses are starting to peek out.

And a big fat bud on one of the tree peonies.

I even noticed some daffodils and tulips pushing through the soil. Before you know it they'll be blooming. It's been a short winter here. I wouldn't mind some more snow. On the other hand I'm looking forward to a change of season. Change is what's needed right now, at least for me.

Anything happening in your garden?


Randy Emmitt said...

Never would have thought your garden would be so far along. Our primroses never disappear, we have one flower on them so far. Short winter, really, we barely have had winter here, hellebores are going nuts.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Don't you just love the promise of blooms with those plump buds? I love primroses, maybe one day I will add them to my garden.

Jj said...

Ça y est, les beaux jours sont de retour, le temps passe !

ida said...

garden? oh, you mean there is actually something under all that snow here? ;D

I actually bought some seeds the other day, and this weekend I will sit down with all my seeds and plan this years garden, i need to plant my tomato seeds inside soon, and the cucumbers, so there is gardening going on here, but inside for now :)

Lona said...

Doesn't it just perk one up to see a little growth from the garden.Snowdrops are such lovely dainty gems. d not know why I do not have any in my garden. I need to do something about that. LOL! Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria! Love the little snowdrop...:)

Rosemary said...

Your garden has really come to life hard to believe it is Feb

Dirt Princess said...

love to see the first signs of life in the garden! our snowdrops are blooming here

Pat said...

Life ....spring is coming.
BTW I have seeds for you...but didn't save you home address.