Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Not Over Until The Calender Says So!

(And maybe not even then!)

Seems like all I've been hearing lately is how "summer is over", how "it feels like fall is in the air", "I'm soooo ready for autumn". One of my co-workers even wore a sweater to work this week!

The horror of it all!

Maybe you can tell; I'm NOT ready for summer to end!

And summer still reigns in our garden. The proof:

Just look at these volunteer morning glories blooming on our trellis.
Could they look so pretty if fall were just around the corner? I think not!

Here's Chelsea, enjoying the warm summer sunshine....

Do you have these big garden spiders? They're a sign of summer, right?

Do you see any blooms on this aster?
No, you do not.
Asters bloom in the fall, not in the summer.

Jessie; enjoying his summertime with the "girls".

Another summer activity: Jelly Bean and Ginger try to help me with the crossword........

.....or possibly they just like the look of that pepperoni.....

This Japanese Anemone blooming in the garden is an anomaly.
Because they are a fall flower.

Evidence of last nights dinner in the garden.
No, no one needed a sweater or a jacket because it's summer.

We did have to turn on the yard light around nine o'clock but that's only because the sun decided not to cooperate.

Speaking of dinner, this was my breakfast this morning; Moroccan Serpent Cake.
(You can find the recipe here.)

My French teacher, who happens to be from Morocco, joined us for dinner. He said this dessert was traditional but it needed to be topped with honey. I did that later and it was the perfect touch.

And how can you ask me to give up my back porch?
Not going to happen any time soon.
Because it's still summer!

What evidence are you still seeing of summer in your garden?


Becca's Dirt said...

Evidence of 'summer' in my gardens/yard are the dry plants that are tired of the hot-hot-hot summer. It has been horribly hot the past couple of months with high humidity. If you've never been to Mobile you haven't experienced our humidity and heat combined. My trees are dropping pecans early - way too early. Could be the dry conditions this year or perhaps an early fall. I'm hoping for the latter. Sorry - I'm ready for fall.

Love love the covered porch area. So relaxing and comfy looking. Awesome morning glory and anemone.

Hope you two are doing good.

Goneferalinidaho said...

I love your back porch! I agree with you, fall is not in the air, yet. I think people are suffering from wishful thinking. It's still in the 90's for pete's sake.

Southern Lady said...

Although our summer has been very hot, I'm not ready for it to be over either! I love dining outside on the patio in the evenings. All this talk of fall makes me sad. Carla


I am so with you, Victoria. It's still summer! [Foot stomp now!] My garden still has lots of summer things going on. Granted there are fall plants getting ready to strut but I'm ignoring them. Maybe by, say, the first of October we can think about fall, 'kay?

Belladonna said...

Personally, I'd like to rewind and replay SPRING if I could. It was glorious. But I guess since I can't do that I'll just let the days unfold the way they always do. But seriously, a SWEATER??? That's just wrong on so many levels in August!

Anonymous said...

Right on Victoria! I'll salute summer with you until the last Basil is standing!

Rosemary said...

Your post made me smile......... I am one who is seeing fall everywhere maybe because it is my fav season. Don't really want to give up on summer....

Emily said...

haha, i love all your evidence and dismissal of counterevidence. it's still summer in my yard because my zucchini hasn't slowed down, tomatoes are setting fruit more than ever, i haven't even had a single ripe tomatillo yet, and my pumpkins are still just babies.

i believe this year it won't even be over when the calendar tells us it is. i think it's going to be another late, late summer like last year, when i was still harvesting ripe tomatoes into november.

Lona said...

Oh I am so not ready for summer to end. I do not know where it went to start with. LOL! Going so fast. Your anemone is so lovely. White flowers always look so beautiful to me.Just look at those pretty volunteer Morning Glories. They are so pretty. Good grief girl your volunteers are doing so much better than the ones I planted from seed on purpose. LOL!

Randy Emmitt said...

I see morning glories blooming all the way until frost. Personally I wish summer was done, found dried up hostas today in the garden NEXT to the rain tote. BTW I love that garden table!!!

Kathleen said...

A sweater??? Seriously??? That's just wrong! It's still summer here for sure. 97 degrees today and 98 predicted for tomorrow (Sept 1st) ~ no way those are fall temperatures. I'm hanging on to summer for as long as I possibly can!!
Love your table outside (I think I said that before) and your back porch. I wouldn't be ready to give that up either.
p.s. Send me your mailing address and I'll send you some 'Cherry Bells.' :-)

D said...

Summer is still here and especially so for the tomatoes and peppers!! :) Jelly Bean and Ginger moseying about the garden puts a smile on my face. Hope you guys have a safe and most enjoyable Labor Day.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Your garden always looks so inviting. Love the chickens with your kitty.
What pretty morning glories! love the multi-colored ones.

Capucyne said...

Tipomées sont superbes, et...ton chien aussi!
Par contre, je n'ai encore jamais vu des poules faire des mots croisés!!! Trop mignones!!!

Patsi said...

Loving your garden and garden friends. Everything looks perfect. Did I ever tell you that you did a great job making your home so welcoming? Also I always get a giggle or two from your posts.

(will try one more time to post this...blogger problems)

Belladonna said...

Hey, I just had to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your slide show on the side bar. Every time I sit and watch it for a few minutes it reminds me all over again how much I love living in Idaho!