Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring, Come and Get It!

Although we've had a setback with the loss of some roses lately, (and losing roses shouldn't seem so bad but one of them was a 10 foot iceberg rose) we have seen some minor successes also.

The astilbes I planted in the shadegarden last year are coming up.

These red primroses I bought for the front porch last year and then transplanted to the shade garden are in bloom. I haven't had a lot of luck with primroses returning other than a few pink ones I've had for years.

These goofy Fritillaria imperialis keep coming up. They haven't bloomed in years. I moved them a few years ago into this sunnier spot, hoping that would motivate them to show off.
(OK, that wasn't a success story.)

Take a look at Kathleen's.

Better appreciate the daffodils while they're here, they've already started fading.

I think the Professor de Monsseri tulips are just as pretty closed as they are open.
(You can see them in our header.)

This little blanda White Splendour I planted years ago is blooming in the gazebo.

The goldfinches have been at our feeders all winter but now they're back in full force and in living color.

Just look at that female stretching her neck to get at the seed.

I should leave a little sign out there with my daughter's address on it. She's waiting for these guys to show up at her feeder.


Randy Emmitt said...

Kim and Victoria,

The goldfinch looks like he is pondering something. Sorry to hear about your roses. Losing a big plant is never easy.

Anonymous said...

I agree, losing a big plant is not easy, even if it is a rose. However, the Professor De Monsseri tulip is there to cheer you. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to see it when it is open. I also love the pictures of the goldfinches. I hardly know any birds by name so I am thankful for this posting. Now I can be on the lookout for some in my area possibly!

Rosemary said...

Spring well and truly has arrived at your place.....

Dirt Princess said...

your daffodils are just gorgeous!!!! They are one of my favorites. I can enjoy yours now. Ours have been gone for a while now.

Anonymous said...

In my neighbourhood just north of you in BC zone 6 we have all lost significant amounts of roses. Some people suspect voles since we had an unusually cold and snowy winter, but my old Don Juan climber just gave up the ghost. Even the tough sub-zero shrub roses are struggling to live. It's very unusual for us. I will sadly not be replacing them except by propagation from survivors, which will take considerable seasons to see abundant blossoms once again. Like you, I can't leave a garden centre without spending more than I intended but am trying to propagate, swap and grow from seed as much as I can. Love your gardening posts!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I had a couple Goldfinches on my feeders this morning, had had tons of them. The niger seed ran out, now have the hummingbird feeders up....those Goldfinches are back for more!

François Xavier said...

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François Xavier said...

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