Friday, April 22, 2011

Feeding the "Birds"

I'm always amazed at the antics of squirrels. Kim and I were taking a break from gardening when three of these guys/gals showed up.

I didn't realize they could climb up poles until we saw this one do so; right up to the bird feeder which Kim had just filled that day - thank you very much.

We watched more acrobatics as one of them jumped from the tree to another bird feeder, full of seed and just waiting to be dined upon. Thanks again!

Here's a nice BIRD house Kim built years ago.
It has areas for bird feed on the sides.
Can you tell what is in the opening?

Let's take a closer look.

That's right. It's a little paw. It is NOT a bird's beak nor is it anything related to a bird.

It's this little guy.

I noticed the "bird" house was moving around quite a bit.
Then I saw this.

I hope they're happy in their home.

Of course it is no big surprise to me that they've taken over the "birdhouse."
Two years ago I saw this little guy, literally sprawled out as if on his own porch, just before I snapped his photo. S/he seemed to be outside enjoying the sunset just as I was.

I know squirrels are pesky critters. They've moved a few plants of mine and I partially blame them for my lack of success with tulips in containers. But they're here to stay and we'll enjoy them as much as possible.


Rosemary said...

Cute they are! what I noticed is the sun shine in your garden..... I am beginning to wonder what that strange light is.

Emily said...

aww, they're adorable! i love squirrels too, even though they can be destructive to a lot of my container plants. andy loves to chase's pretty hilarious the kind of desperate acrobatics they attempt when a dog is after them.

Randy Emmitt said...

Kim and Victoria,

Yep those squirrel just seem to move in don't they. The squirrel proof birdfeeder with the cage around it, I just chased a squirrel off it. Gave up with putting out suet, 3 blocks in a day destroyed.

Pat said...

You've got me cracking up !
First the squirrel in the feeder (nothing new to me) BUT then the babies in the house...never seen that one before.

Great shot of the babies !

Belladonna said...

My next door neighbor is a major squirrel fan so she put out massive amounts of peanuts for them. The sit on the fence to eat them and then throw the shells in my yard. In just a few days it can create quite a pile. Sigh. Lately as I've been moving plants around I've found burried peanuts in just about every nook and cranny you imagine. They ARE cute, but if they mess with my tulips we're going to have war. Hopefully they are too full and too distracted by the peanut pile to go exploring my flowerbeds!

François-Xavier DAVID said...

en voilà deux qui se sont trouvés un petit nid tout prêt, pas besoin de chercher plus loin, Kim et Victoria se sont chargés de construire leur maison !! C'est pas beau la vie !! bisous, FX

Teresa O'Connor said...

You wouldn't believe how intensely Maggie stares down the squirrels. And then they just laugh at the poor hound dog, when she tries to chase them. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. Teresa

RockinRobin said...

Another friend with squirrels eating her birdseed from a pole mounted feeder has solved the problem and added more laughter to her squirrel watching by greasing her poles with vaseline. Of course, if close to trees, those acrobatic squirrels are jumpers with no fear.