Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things I'm Happy With

I haven't been online enough lately. Like most people I seem to have plenty going on right now.

For instance we haven't had a working kitchen sink for a few days now and it's a surprising inconvenience. Kim decided to paint the kitchen, then that led to being unhappy with the counter top which led to replacing the counter top which led to not liking the old faucet, drawer pulls, back splash, etc. That's what happens when he's left alone with a week off to himself.

Oh well, it's going to look great eventually.

Now on to Things I am happy with;

1. The nasturtiums
in the hanging baskets on the garage. They're actually blooming. I usually don't get many blooms from my nasturtiums. These are Empress of India.

2. My foxgloves. I just love them.

See that short wire fence? That's all it takes to keep the chickens from eating them into the ground. Yes, I know foxgloves are poisonous but the chickens LOVE eating their leaves.

(I told you I love foxgloves.)

3. Poppies and iris.
Although they're both finished they were great when they were in bloom.

Two different poppies with Constance Spry rose in the background.

4. Goldfinches.

5. Watching the chickens.

6. First Strawberries of the season from our plants.

What are some of your favorite summer things?


Southern Lady said...

My favorite summer things...fresh veggies, basil, evenings on the front porch, and trips to the coast! I love your chickens and your foxgloves! Carla

Unknown said...

Your Foxgloves and Poppies are so gorgeous. Poppies are kind of a sore subject with me at the moment. I've planted them 3 times and something keeps eating them. Catherine said it's the slugs, she's having trouble too. But I baited. O'well my Peony Poppy did reseed and is blooming right now so I'm happy again! LOL I'm also happy that Washington state quit raining 2 days ago and "Here Comes Summer."

François said...

des fraises de Vergt ???
Bonne journée et bonne récolte,

Rosemary said...


Dirt Princess said...

I am with you on the foxgloves. They are gorgeous! I think we have all been pretty busy this summer. I hate you have been without a kitchen sink....but look at what you are getting in return!!! LOL!! You will have to share pictures

Unknown said...

Love the chickens in the yard; I just got a few recently & can spend hours just watching them :) They crack me up! The foxgloves are lovely; always wanted some, but I have never planted any....

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I see you have a lot to be happy about. This is a busy time of year, and blogging has to sometimes take a back seat.

Pat said...

Love the title of your post. It should be a weekly or monthly meme.
Nice combo with the Poppies and Irises...aah so much to discover.

Prairie Chicken... said...

Ooooh those foxgloves are purdy. I wonder if I can grow 'em in zone 2...

robert said...

Lovely photos. I loved the photo of the uncle sitting. Even I hope I could have such green experience with a fire pit to experience nature in the night time.