Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden Tour 2010

As usual the Garden Tour by the Lunaria League had some fantastic gardens.

I just love nosing around in other people's back yards and the Garden Tour presents the perfect opportunity to do just that without being arrested!

Vanessa and Chris accompanied us this year and since they're having a house built they were particularly interested in the landscaping elements and use of trees and shrubs.
Here they are on the right perusing that nice spruce.

I thought this planter would look fantastic in our garden.

Isn't this nice?

This is one huge Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans). I wish you could see just how large that trunk is.

I loved the way this gardener tucked hens and chicks into crevices in the rocks around their stream.

When Vanessa saw this tranquil pond she asked why our rocks aren't covered with moss. Anyone know the trick to this? We've had no success with the yogurt painting method.

Great tour. Really enjoyed it.

And it seems as if summer has arrived in Boise!


Pat said...

Love the succulent plants.
More tour ?

Randy Emmitt said...

Kim and Victoria,

Enjoyed the tour! We had a nursery not far from here she told me making moss is easy. Mix buttermilk, moss that is sporing in a blender and pour out in the garden. Hoping i can get her to do a quest post on it.

Rosemary said...

Lovely garden tour, that is one big trumpet vine.

Barbarapc said...

If you can find rocks with moss and move them into your new setting. Providing the situation is similar, the moss should spread. I've also heard about the blender method, but haven't tried it. Such a great time of year to tour the neighbourhood gardens - the hosts go to such trouble to make everything nice for their guests - I always pick up an idea or two.