Saturday, April 3, 2010

Boise Flower and Garden Show 2010

The display garden this year was about garden seating. Kind of interesting. Kim and I are big on places to sit and view the garden. If one wanted to really create a "wow" seating area, these were some great ideas.

The display was by Impact Imports. I have been to their shop and it is stuffed with interesting items.

I won't go on about all there was at the show. A lot of it was the same stuff - nice, but a repeat. There were some new things I noticed.

Chickens are becoming more popular. Zamzows had a coop with real chicks.

They also had some great looking tomato plants for sale at a very reasonable price.

Franz Witte had a great Alice in Wonderland themed garden. Amber has some good photos of that.

Remember the flamingos used to play croquet in the story? Well Kim didn't, but I did. I thought it was very clever of Franz Witte Nursery since the flamingo has long been their logo.

I also thought these packs of mixed veggies offered by D & B were a great idea.

Margaret Lauterbach was lamenting the fact that stores should sell mixed six packs of cabbage and broccoli. This at least is a step in the right direction.

For those people with not much space, one or two tomatoes and a couple of other veggies all in the same six pack is a great idea.

And of course Kim and I took advantage of the wine tasting. $8 gives you four generous tastings and you get to keep the glass. You can also carry it around as you peruse the show offerings. (I'm sure they make more sales that way.) :-)

It was a fun few hours. It's always nice to see fresh flower displays and fellow garden lovers.


Southern Lady said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I love wine tastings, they are lots of fun. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Happy Easter! Carla

Randy Emmitt said...

Kim and Victoria,
Living it up there tasting wine at the garden show! Looking forward to seeing what your garden will be like this year!

Kathleen said...

WOW is right on the seating. Very elaborate. I'd love to have something so sumptuous but I don't think it would hold up to our harsh climate.
Cute chickens are everywhere these days and I still don't have any. boo hoo. I have to come here to see some but that's a good thing because it's always a treat! That coop is pretty cute too.
Fun show Victoria. Better than ours for sure!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog! Thank you for putting up pictures of the Impact Imports display (Joglo house, antique Balinese bed, etc.) at the 2010 Boise Flower and Garden Show! We appreciate the support!