Friday, April 17, 2009

Yes Ma'am!

Don't ever let it be said I can't follow directions.

Per Carol at May Dreams Gardens:

"Don’t skip planting pansies in your early spring garden!
Don’t skip planting pansies in your early spring garden!
Don’t skip planting pansies in your early spring garden!"

OK, OK, OK!!!

She's right, gosh darn it! (insert whatever expletive works for you.)

It may be past early spring in many areas, but here our daffodils are still blooming nicely and our tulips have yet to join the show. (Other than our stubborn orange tulips in the front garden but that's another post.)

So.....following directions, I went to the store yesterday and made the required purchases.

Here are the results:




They were quite root bound, but I teased them apart and they should be fine.

I also liked Cynthia's idea of making viola ice cubes so I also bought some of these:



Chelsea was outside helping me of course. (this picture is from last spring.)


I heard her barking furiously and looked up just in time to see one of these fly away. Yes, it's that time of year. The river must be high and the Great Blue Herons are looking for easy prey at backyard ponds. Our little 30lb Chelsea scared it off. I would never want her to get close to one of these birds, those beaks are powerful. Here's hoping the heron finds better pickings somewhere else.


Daisy said...

Those pansies are beautiful! And having pup-help in the yard is much more fun than gardening alone. ; )

Becca's Dirt said...

What a beautiful show. Love them all. Your helper looks sweet and keep him away from the herons. I have a helper too.

our friend Ben said...

Chelsea looks like she's ready to take on any intruder! How adorable!

Dirt Princess said...

Gorgeous shots! Pansy are such sweet little things

Unknown said...

Pansies are great. Some of the volunteer seeds from last year's plants have begun to grow now too. It's so cold here that pansies are generally annuals. I REALLY need to remember some more bulbs for next spring's garden.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

See, now don't you feel better now you have planted some pansies? *chuckle*

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

The flowers are sensational.... and I like the bird perched high on the roof!!... cheers! ~ bangchik

Rosemary said...

Great close ups of the pretty pansy faces.........

Heather said...

Spring color is nice for us Idahoans, something that seems to take forever on it's own. I am rooting for you at Robie Creek today!

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

That heron is just stunning!

Pat said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty !!
Love your large pictures....don't have to click on. Guess I'm lazy.

Kathleen said...

Great choices of violas & pansies to add to your garden Victoria and fantastic photos! Not that your dog isn't adorable, I just always hone in on the flowers! I don't have any tulips blooming yet either. I've heard that herons will clean out a pond ~ I'm going to have to watch out for that this year since I'm adding a small one to my front garden.

Megan said...

I'm still waiting for my tulips, too, but it looks like they're getting close.
I've thought about putting in a koi pond but worried about the heron potential. I wouldn't want them eating my fish, but they're pretty amazing to see.
What a cute puppy! Does she have a pink spot on her nose, or is that just the lighting?

donna said...

I only have a few minutes to visit here this evening but can tell from taking a quick look that I'll be back. I'm going to want to see all the different "rooms" of your garden. Especially interested in the moon garden....all white, right? Your dog just could not be any cuter than she is in that photo.

garden girl said...

Pretty pansies! I love that ruffled one - never saw one like that.

The heron is beautiful. We see them around here only occasionally, and it's always a thrill when we do.

Hope you had good weather for the race and all that training paid off!

Teresa O'Connor said...

Lovely pansies -- and Chelsea couldn't be cuter. Thanks for sharing.

Carol Michel said...

I love those pansies, they are prettier than mine. I need more!

(and thanks for the link!)

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Genie said...

Your photos are so gorgeous. I've missed seeing your garden grow this year, it's fabulous, of course. You really make me want to run out and do SOMETHING in the yard, even if it's only pruning the bamboo.