Saturday, October 4, 2008

The "Holidays" are Upon Us

The Halloween decorations have been up at work for weeks now. Truthfully I have enjoyed seeing them. I enjoy Halloween and when working at Micron I missed the daily reminders of the different holidays. Micron always looks like an asylum inside; same plain gray hallways no matter what time of year.

While shopping this week I couldn't help but be bombarded by all the holiday retail items for sale now, beginning with the Halloween decorations.

There were plenty of costumes to choose from.

And of course the requisite candy isle.

I guess it wouldn't be Halloween without Halloween undies.

Personally I could justify buying this guy. Who can resist a dracula Mr. Potato Head?

And don't forget your jack o' lantern pumpkins on the way out.

There was a nod to Thanksgiving;

And of course we all need to start planning for Christmas......*evil grin*

Don't ask me what the point is to the pig and cow.

Next post I'll share the Halloween decorations I'll be putting up.

In the meantime, be strong and buy only what you really want.

We've received some blessed rain today. I'll leave you with a couple of fall photos from our garden.


Bek said...

Holiday is not my favorite holiday, but I enjoy seeing all the fall decorations (pumpkins) out now. Geat flowers! Are they giant hibiscus?

Genie said...

Oh, fun fun fun! I'm determined to start collecting Halloween dishware and decor as soon as finances allow. I'm tired of not having my house decked out for fall.

Your blog entry makes me even more determined!

Congrats on the rain!

Get well soon!

betsering said...

I am from Sarawak, Land of the Hornbills, in the Island of Borneo. What lovely flowers you've in your garden. Really love to view yr blog

Pat said...

I know I don't shop much but... Halloween undies? Never seen that before.

Anonymous said...

I love this time of year - the fall colors in the garden are beautiful!

Brenda said...

ya. Halloween undies.... weird. And Christmas decorations before Halloween....arguh!

fyi. I grew up in Idaho. Idaho Falls.

Rosemary said...

loved your Halloween pics but Christmas OH NO!

Connie said...

Beautiful color on the Hollyhock!

Lauren said...

The fact that the packaging for the Dracula Mr. Potato Head says "Trick or Tater" on the front is justification enough for buying it. Too funny!!!