Monday, September 29, 2008

Trigger Finger Surgery

Continue at your own risk........

I had my trigger finger surgery today. The doctor kindly allowed Kim to watch, then take pictures for you, dear readers!

I had this same surgery on my thumbs a couple of years ago. Same doctor. He did such a good job I went back for more. But this time I had two fingers done at the same time. (Both hands.)

The only painful part was the numbing.

I REALLY hate those shots. They DO NOT feel like a "bee sting".

The doctor allowed Kim not only to watch over his shoulder, but he explained the entire procedure in depth and paused for any requested photos. Great guy. Didn't want his name used though.

I wasn't interested in watching. I just wanted them to finish.
The surgery for both hands only took about 30 minutes.

Now I have two days to heal before going back to work.
Stitches come out in a week.


Anonymous said...


mmichele said...

My dad is 78 and has that! He is at the point where he would just like them to cut off the offending fingers (fourth and pinkie). He's not much for getting re-done from time to time.

Not surprisingly, he can't find a doctor who will do it for him.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! You're so brave. Including the pictures!

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Ouch - glad it all went well

Anonymous said...


je n'ai pas compris ce que tu as fait comme opération chirurgicale de la main, je me doute mais je ne suis pas sûr. Ici, au travail une collègue a fait une intervension comme toi à la main, mais je ne sais pas si tu as les mêmes symptômes... Dis m'en un peu plus, enn tous les cas, il a bien travailler, pas une goutte de sang sur les photos, c'est étonnant. Cela me rappelle quand je travaillais dans un service d'urgence mains, le chirurgien comprimait tellement la circulation sanguine qu'il opérait sans faire couler me sang, j'adore travailler dans ces conditions opératoires exceptionnelles.
Rétablis toi vite,
Bisous de Toulouse,

Genie said...


I can't even stand watching someone get a shot let alone the actual surgery! ACK!

I fast forwarded through your entry as quickly as possible. Thank everything Kim didn't make a movie of it! Ew!

Heal quickly! Get better soon!

Pat said...

Both hands the same day!!
Sounds like you'll be out of commission for a long time.
Wasn't it painful to type this post?

Best of luck to you.

Rosemary said...

Thanks for the graphic pics LOL
Hope you are healing quickly!

Bek said...

That looks really painful:( I hope you had a good recovery.

Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

I just looked up "trigger finger surgery recovery" and came upon your blog. You had the exact surgery that I am thinking about...both ring fingers at the same time. I had the cortisone shots (my doctor said I would hate her for about 10 seconds... the length of time it took for the shot... no bee sting is RIGHT!)and things improved, but the fingers still stick. I am curious to know, after several months, how things are going and if the surgery was worth it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A great post! As they say, the pictures speak louder than words, but you got those too! I'm going in tomorrow for middle finger on right hand, so was looking for info. For me, the frustration of not having strength or "accuracy" in one's grip is ever present when working in the garden or on cars. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your experience. - Kurt -Greensboro, NC

H Light said...

Thank you so much for posting your experience. After two cortisone shots, my thumb continues to trigger. Tomorrow I expect my doc to tell me surgery is my next best option. Your story and the photos will help in my decision. Thanks. Helena, Columbia Maryland